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and they never did
SORRY for the voiceover it sounds awful [m]

such a precious scene

#onetreehill #peytonsawyer #danscott

[1x02- The Places You Come to Fear the Most]
FYI, any scene with Nathan's bulging muscles I will edit and post.
QOTD: Wonder Woman or Spider-Man: Homecoming?
AOTD: So hard as I loved both, but Wonder Woman
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+Haley James Scott.
+One Tree Hill

I am mostly screencaping the pettiness of One Tree Hill, have fun😂

Dan's face in the last screencap😂

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you called for the 2 hottest men on the show?
for reagan and only reagan
cc void obrien
ac sirepetrova
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*not a plottwist*

OKAY so I think a new theme color is in order since its been FOREVER and I'm going to start posting videos every 3rd post💜
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i hope these two angels will spend a wonderful birthday, they deserve it!
@thisisjameslafferty @therealshantel 💙💛
•vc: bansheegrimes & idk

happy birthday to this cutie🌝 #jameslafferty #selfmade #imovie

lol in case you couldn't read it, @brookedav1s @leytondefense and i are hosting a favorite female contest. you make an edit of your favorite female from the tv shows listed and post it into #ffecontest . the rules are it cannot be a plot twist and you cannot repost. to join you have to follow all hosts and repost any picture using #ffecontest . there will be three winners. we'll add you into a group chat for more information. tv shows: one tree hill, glee, pretty little liars, teen wolf, greys anatomy, riverdale, 13 reasons why, and jane the virgin. if you would like to do any other tv show, please ask us first. :)

happy birthday to these two cuties.
dt @thisisjameslafferty @therealshantel 🖤

such a precious scene

#onetreehill #peytonsawyer #danscott

True love💕
Creds: @xnathanrs

Living in a little house that needs a reno means dreamy kitchens like this pop into my head constantly. 😍😍😍

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