When the seeds you been waiting for finally arrive in the mail! 🤣☠️ #go

💣💣💣💣💣 @dankcorp

Check out DankCorp’s new product lines coming to a dispensary near you! Real Terps, Soil Grown, No Synthetics, and Always Tested 🔥💣 #nogames #smokeweed

@blakewebber going in on our CEO @cannabicusmaximus 🤣😂

Nom Nom came out flame! Dropping her a week from Monday! 🔥💣

All men are created equal, some work harder in preseason 💣

Nom Nom Nom Nom 😋

43 2 Mac aka The Mac Truck because she hits you like a Mac Truck doing 180 🔥 @capulator

Even I go to trim jail 🤣🤘 @dankcorp

Real life tale of what happens when @dankcorp products drop 🌊 Be sure to wear your life preserver

Nom Nom (GG4 x Cherry Pie Kush x Mainline OG) cultivated and selected by @dankcorp bred by @weewuu. Drops coming soon. The heats about to turn up in AZ. Organic, soil grown, hand trimmed, craft fire. Notes of Cherry Cough Drops and Menthol Gas.

Eagles and pigeons don’t run together 🦅

Can you hear me now 💣🔊

Baron De Cannabis 😈

Be easy to love, hard to break, and impossible to forget 🔥📸 Nom Nom

Where will you be when our #Proganic flowers drop in Arizona for the first time after a 2 year hiatus?!

Fat Nom Nom nugs.. pictures don’t do her justice 🔥🔥

Is it that obvious or am I crazy!? 🧐🤫

Do you prefer organic soil or coco grown cannabis!?

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