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A lesbian couple out of NYC is fighting back after being kicked out of an Uber ride for sharing a kiss. Alex Iovine, 26, and her girlfriend, Emma Pichl, 24, were on the way to a party on Saturday night and called an Uber to take them. “We were sitting on opposite sides of the car,” she said. “We leaned in for a peck, and that’s what it was, a legit peck.” _______________________________________
This was so unsettling for the driver, Ahmed Elbotari, that he pulled the car over and told them to get out of his car. “He said, ‘Get out of my car,’” Iovine said. “My girlfriend started laughing. She thought he was joking.” She added, “He yelled at us for being disrespectful and inappropriate because we pecked on the lips.” Iovine insists that she and her girlfriend were not drunk as they only had two drinks the entire night.
In the video, you can hear Elbotari tell the ladies “It’s illegal” for them to have kissed. “You can’t do this in the car. You aren’t allowed to do this,” he says. Iovine asks, “Why are we not allowed to kiss in an Uber?” To which Elbotari responds, “It’s disrespectful.”
When asked about his decision to remove these women, Elbotari says that he was acting in his freedoms and wasn’t discriminating against these women. In fact, he says he would have done the same thing if a straight couple tried it, but @NYDailyNews reports that he did acknowledge that he had less tolerance for—(View more at TheShadeRoom.Com!) 📸: @nydailynews
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Another beautiful Channel+ (#BigBud x #Skunk) by @medicalseeds. Some while hate the lighting but I like to play with lights & shadows. ✌🏼🖤

HEADBAND 🤕 by @coffeeshop_the_stud
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#toribrixx was hurt in the robbery of #richthekid at her house (see previous post for story)
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Congrats to #JermaineDupri, yesterday he was inducted into The Songwriters Hall of Fame and #MariahCarey and #Usher were right there to help him celebrate. (📸: Kevin Mazur/ @gettyimages)
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