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We aren't on our hometown, are we @ericobranco ??? I miss you so ❤#turistando #danishboys

En hel weekend med ham her uden druk, er bestemt ikke noget jeg klager over! Kan ikke huske hvornår vi sidst har været sammen en weekend uden druk ( vi har slet ikke ondt af jer der er dårlige idag ) 😝 julegave indkøb og ren hygge står lørdagen på med basse'manden 😍 håber i alle får en fantastisk lørdag som os! 🙏🏼 #danishboys #bedstevennen #familienigår #herligweekend ❤️❤️🇩🇰🇩🇰

First day of sun in Cambodia and Niels looks like a shrimp wearing a white tanktop 🦀 #danishboys

Tak til hede 2016! Når jeg bliver stor vil jeg være som dem her. Så mange år og stadig fuldgaaaas! #nikogjay #hederytmer #2016 #danishboys #voldsomt


Rome, Milano, Siena, Lisbon, Singapore, Mexico, Miami and now #panama ! We have met all over the world! Thanks for being an AMAZING #friend !🙏
#oldfriends #amigos #danishboys #travelling #trips #friendship #memories

‼️‼️‼️‼️Hi, I'm wondering if you could help on a project that I am working on?? In honour of Mother's Day 💝
It's called >My love for you is so big it reached_____<
I have been collecting notes from people around the world
And am looking for more people that would be kind enough to help a little 😃😃👇🏼👇🏼
1**Handwrite me a note (if you could message me I'll give you the words I'd like written)
2**Take a photo of that note in a nice view/scenery (to show I 'reached' that location)
3**And then to Send me the photo in private message so I can use as part of my project
‼️Any help at all is very much appreciated 🙂🌎♥️‼️#denmark #danes #danish #danishgirl #danishboys #denmarklife

Discover Europe: #denmark🇩🇰 Regram: @hornskovkobenhavncom ------------------------------
Custom made hats from Denmark. Interestingly, today's main hat making material - felt, was started in Denmark, as a head covering armour. #hatter #madeindenmark

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