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Don't don't wanna sound mean but jinho deserves whats coming at him, i mean i feel SO BAD FOR ALL THE SHIT THAT'S HAPPENING TO HIM CUZ LIKE DID U LOOK AT HIM HAS HIS CLOTHES STOLEN AND HE'S HURT AND DAMAGED INSIDE FROM ALL THIS WORRYING😿I Just want Jinho to be A little more smart that's all. Cuz this was all going through his head and u gotta admit this is kinda a good thing tho cuz this will finally get him to stop gambling and teach him a lesson tho. AND OOHHHH I LIKE THIS NEW CHARACTER ALREADY !!!😍🤔😁Wonder what Crystal is going to do !! • • • •• •
Webtoon : #lookism
Author : #TaejoonPark
#linewebtoon #webtoon #lookismwebtoon #friends #lookwhatyoumademedo #money #trouble #shotgoingdown #dumbass #OMFG #ridgged #screwed #forgiveness #danielxzoe

I TOLD Y'ALL MY SHIP IS SAILING !!! When my boi daniel saw that creep checking her out He moved in front of her to be her "wall" to block his "view" BITCH YEEAASSS! He just looked where he was looking at he didn't even have time to think and WITHOUT any hesitation he MOVED. I have a feeling that Daniel DOES at least LIKE or wants to protect Zoey anytime or anywhere but just doesn't know or get it yet. Guess he's getting use to having her around 💗💗👌and he was complaining that 1 minute before that she was always at the store. And yeah smgt like that cuz I also know Daniel I guess likes crystal RN 😑 but like idk maybe he likes crystal now but will notice his feeling for Zoey later or he just straight up likes both at the same time (Daniel u sly dog) Point is ... I TOLD Y'ALL!!! My ship is floating. Also idk about this new guy he seems too nice to be real and especially helping him win money is also strange. I think he'll use him for smtg later now until hes useful to him somehow 🤔😡Everyone knows that green ... comes with greed... So what I did there .. . And WTF jace ur the same Age what chu mean 'kids'!?? 😱😂😂
Webtoon : #lookism
Author : #TaejoonPark
#linewebtoon #webtoon #lookismwebtoon #friends #protection #gambling #money #oldfriend #suspicious #greedy #love #danielxzoe

Ok so I take back everything bad i said about her😓 this chapter cleared up all the questions I had against her and she really just kind and gentle girl who is forced to do things she doesn't want to do 😐 and here the funny thing Crystal likes chubby Daniel while skinny Daniel likes chubby Crystal ...😂😂 it's a love square !!! But then ...Zoe came to look for Daniel and she looks sad because I think she thinks she s going to lose chubby Daniel to skinny Crystal or lose him ... cuz she likes Daniel in both of his " Forms " she is just confused on who she likes more so ..sry but ... #teamzoe

WEBTOON: #lookism Author : #TaejoonPark
#webtoon #linewebtoon #lookismwebtoon #darksecrets #danielxzoe #zoe #love #lovePentagon #wtfisthis

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