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Ughhh it's morning and I don't want to got to school 😭 #danielskye #danielskyeimagines

This is a birthday imagine for Daniel but I'm putting all my old imagines back so here's part 1 {Tags: @danielskye #danielskye #danielskyeimagine #danielskyeimagines}

I just ate half a gallon of ice cream

Back w/ Imagines and why not start with the lovely @danielskye πŸ˜™
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IMAGINElast part

his eyebrows furrowed and you could tell by his expression that he was trying to read what was on your phone. Quickly, you diverted his eyes away from the phone. β€œDaniel?” you whimpered. Immediately his eyes turned to yours and his gaze softened. β€œYeah, baby?” he whispered back. β€œWhy are people so mean?” tears filled his eyes and he pulled you closer, if that were possible. While doing this you quickly and subtly stuffed your phone into your pocket. Making sure you shut down twitter. Hopefully he will forget about what he saw.

After about an hour of mindless chatting you fell asleep on Daniel chest. His soft breathing lulling you to sleep. When you woke about twenty minutes later, you found Daniel on your phone, sniffing. Tears scarred his cheeks and the sight broke you heart. You gasped and Daniel head shot in your direction. He let out a cry. β€œWhy didn’t you tell me this?” hurt evident in his voice. You closed your eyes and looked down. β€œI’m sorry” you said, barley audible. β€œWhat?!” he half yelled. β€œI’m sorry!” you shouted. You couldn’t hold it on anymore. You cried uncontrollably. Daniel bit his lip and kissed your forehead. β€œDon’t apologise. Just tell me next time and we can go through it together.” You nodded and he kissed your hair again. You were so thankful for this boy. How could you let him go?/////////EnDDD

But you kept my heart from falling

Another beautiful video edit my @danielskyehardy

He is almost 16😭

Credits: @danielskyehardy


Sorry I posted the wrong part but here's the right part. Part 3. {Tags: @danielskye #danielskye #danielskyeimagine #danielskyeimagines}

This is a birthday imagine for Daniel but I'm putting all my old imagines back so here's part 1 {Tags: @danielskye #danielskye #danielskyeimagine #danielskyeimagines}

Oh yeah I forgot. HIIII GUYSS πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ #danielskye #danielskyeedits #skye #danielskyeimagines

This song is 😍πŸ”₯ listen to maybe then this omg it's so different πŸ˜‚ #danielskye #danielskyeimagines #daniel #skye

Maegan's POV
*12 years later
"Elizabeth! Get back here you crazy girl!" I laughed as I watched Daniel chase after our 3 year old daughter who was chasing our son, Calvin. I am 8 and 3/4 months pregnant with a baby girl and have a successful career as a model. Without the little ones finding out, Daniel slipped away from the kids. "How's 2 of my favorite girls doing?" "We are good. And you?" "Wonderful now that I am with you." I smiled at his corniness. "To think that it would not have been this way if I was to chicken to come over and ask you out. It's crazy." All of a sudden, Calvin came over and started making chicken noises. "When did you learn to do that?!" I asked surprised. "I taught him. We are learning new animal sounds." I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Now, it was time for revenge."Daniel. I think my water just broke." Daniel looked horrified as I started spraying water on my pants without him noticing. "Gotcha!" I laughed as I kissed his lips and laid back down on the grass. "I love you." "I love you too Daniel." #danielskyefanfic #danielskyeimagines #danielskye
This is the last part! I will post the cover soon, but before that I will give you a quick update. If you want to see it, check my next post! By the way, this is a photo of Maegan when she met Daniel Skye! Comment down below if you ship them! I know I do!

Daniel's POV
The drive was only about 15 minutes before we pulled up to a decent size house with a view of the high school. I still could not get Maegan out of my mind. I want her to be mine, but there is no way I would be good enough for her. She is already in history books and I doubt she would let me be in them too. I am too worried that if I ask her, she will say no. "Daniel. Let's go!" I was kicked out of my thoughts by my manger encouraging me to get out of the car. I stood up and walked to the trunk to grab my bag. I looked up and saw a limo pulling into the house across the street. I smiled as an angel walked out of the car. I called my best friend and told him my situation. "Daniel, you need to ask her. And if she already has a boyfriend, then she will still appreciate it if you try. Bro, what if she says yes?" "Your right. I'll ask her." I hung up and set my bags down as I began the journey across the street that might infect the rest of my life.

#danielskyefanfic #danielskyeimagines #danielskye
Update down belowπŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Maegan's POV
As I was walking towards the exit, I was pushed down by a huge mob of girls who entered the airport running. I layed on the ground for a second as I started regaining conscience. "Are you okay?" I looked up to see Daniel with his arm stretched out. "Umm, yeah." I managed to smile through the pain of my body feeling like it had been stepped on a thousand times. (Which it probably was.) After he helped me up, we walked out of the airport together. "Where are you staying?" I asked Daniel. "Right by the high school." "Oh, cool. I live down the street, but I don't go there anymore since I have a lot to do. Instead, I do online schooling." He looked at me with a weird smile, then he hopped into his limo. I hopped in mine too. I was confused, but more than that I was worried.
This part is short. Next part will be up shortly! #danielskye #danielskyeimagines #danielskyefanfic

Maegan's POV. "Flight 78 is now boarding." One of the perks about being Miss America was that I got to sit first class, but I was normally by myself and ended up having to sit by a stranger. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Once I found my seat I immediately sat down and plugged my earbuds in. I turned on my One Direction playlist and closed my eyes. After I was about halfway through Up All Night, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see an extremely attractive boy who looked like he was in his mid-teenage years. "Oh, sorry. I did not mean to hit you." "I- it's fine. Good going Maegan." "What?" I looked over to see him staring at me. I must have said that out loud. "Wait, aren't you Miss America? The new youngest one ever or something like that?" "That's me!" He smiled and I fell in love. "Daniel." "Maegan." He shook my hand and I knew that is was going to be a great plane ride.

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I honestly can't wait for his music video!!!

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