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@danielskye admitted his first celeb crush in our rapid fire Q&A, ":60 With." Watch the full video by tapping the bio link.


— bet you thought ?¿
ac: dxnverss // cc: ceiestial
this quality lol rip
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With the future hubby ❤️❤️ #DanielSkye

thinkin bout' u ♡
- tag daniel & ariel pleaase ? :)
- #babyariel #danielskye ;

mentally harmed
cc: me !
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dt: @grethanology @myskyelimit henlo
sorry the shakes are choppy and the quality is trash + its hella early for me to be posting wow

Daddy, SING!!!😱😍❤🎶🔥🎤 @jacobsartorius @danielskye #jacobsartorius #danielskye

|| whatta dad tho
cc: me but it's gross
[ this is simple but i
was trying new transitions
and i had to post heh ]
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Abbiamo fatto un po' di musically carinii
Se volete andare a vederli questo è il nostro profilo su musical.ly: @/martinisisters ✨
♬ Feelin' You (feat. R. City) - Daniel Skye.
#musically #danielskye #feelinyou

#tbt me and my dawg @danielskye. All SkyeHards pull up on us June 11th in Portland Maine & June 13th Hartford Connecticut. #danielskye #skyehards #floridaboyz


Dariel has to be real !! Anyway - I'm in London!! #danielskye #staysmilin #dariel

Omg lmao it's almost a whole year since I posted on here😂🙈 @danielskye #danielskye

My only one 🖤🌹 @danielskye
. .
DT @mainskye @danielsnugget . .
Tag him #danielskye

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