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"You left and forgot to give me my heart back, Daniel." "Only because that way you'd have to come back for it."
I’ve decided to write a Daniel fanfic on wattpad. If you’re interested in reading it, I’ve published the prologue so find me on it with the @/ bringmekatchi. I’ll be uploading a new chapter once a week because I’m currently uploading a chapter a day for my current book (a Dylan O’Brien fanfic). Thank you if you read this :) link in bioooooo
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... u talked to Jack on the phone and then went to sleep. // the next day// u waked up like around 11:30 cuz u know it's Saturday and I sleep like 12h.
Scarlye came into my room and started to jump on my bed. Sc: Wake up SIS!!
A: GO AWAY Scalye I'm trying to sleep. Ans: alex wake up
A: Seriously u too Ansel!
Ans: its 11:45 and ur date is at 2
A: So?
Sc: u need to get ready
A: we're going surfing I don't need to be pretty for that. Ans: true but Scarlye wants pancakes and I don't know how to do them so we need your help Alex. A: fineee . U wine t downstairs, made breakfast and then watch the new movie from Netflix " to all the boys I've loved before" [now it's 1:00] u finish ur movie and go take a shower and put ur bikini ( swipe to see) and graves ur surfboard and brought it downstairs to the door and then u blow dry ur hair and put a white dress over ur 👙. U were in ur room when Bradley yelled Br: DANIEL IS HERE ALEX!! A: COMING! U went down the stairs. D: hello beautiful A: hello Seavey he graved ur surfboard and u 2 went to his car. He opened the door for u and run the the other side. <at the beach> u surfed and Daniel too. D: ready for diner? A: yep we're are we going? D: there a lil restaurant around here. A: OK u 2 went to the restaurant and ate. It was getting late so he dropped u at ur house. He walked u to the door and hugged j good bye. D: Night beautiful .
u blush A: night cv . Scarlet came running to the door and jumped in Daniels arms sc: Daniel!! D: hi princess how was ur day? Sc: cool d: well princess I have to go home see u tomorrow? Sc: yep u remember ( Scarlett invited him to go swimming at ur pool) d: how can I forget? Sc bye love u d: love u too Scarlett went to the kitchen A: we'll see u tomorrow then cv D: yes bye he kissed ur cheek. U closed the door and went to the living room to tell Ansel everything.... ans: so did he kissed u on the lips? A: noo it was our first date u idiot Ans: well u are like best friends A: well he didn't cuz he know me. Ans: well he does A: wanna watch a movie? Ans : yep . U watch the notebook and at the end u 2 were crying. And then u went to bed. It was the best day of ur life... #danielseaveyimagines

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