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describe the Cast of Harry Potter using one word. Comment 👇
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selfie queen 🌹 1 or 2 ?

how did you guys find my account?
i actually let my hair dry out completely yesterday and it looks better than i thought. i can work with this
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Some random posts that have been sitting on my phone for a while
I love my memes as much as the next guy but y'all gotta realize that we have essentially come full circle and shitposts are the 2017 equivalent of "tacos rawr XD randomzzz" humor
I went to tumbling for the first time in month and let me tell you it was tragic 😂

Try typing 'Umbridge' with your eyes closed!

made this!
⠀⠀⠀[fc: 11,724]
narcissa is underrated
favourite malfoy?

Sometimes, we need to be hurt in order to grow. We must lose in order to gain. Sometimes, some lessons are learned best through pain.


TAG a Potterhead😍😍😍

Extremely beautiful! 🌸

I'm not much of a cake person.
© Дэниэл Рэдклифф #DanielRadcliffe

Did you know that Daniel Radcliffe had an allergic reaction to his contact linces? #fact #danielradcliffe #harrypotter

[chamber of secrets]
this scene honestly makes
me sob it's too cute i can't

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