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I'm really glad Emma got the role, she was the perfect Hermione! 😍 Try typing 'Emma' letter by letter without getting interrupted! 💕

Tag a friend who loves Harry Potter too! ✨

Potterheads⚡count: 177,160

Your 2nd and 4th Most Recent emoji would be your reaction if you met Voldemort!
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Q- Do you have a tattoo? If not, would you have one?

HBP is probably my favorite one tbh. Followed by Deathly Hallows
I'm almost done with tower of dawn and I'm trying to ration it because I want to savor every page
I always try to savor my books but it usually turns into not reading it for two weeks because I don't want it to end and then finishing it all in one night

Rupert or emma?

Today is my birthday!!!! 🎈
I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22.


-quote of the day: "I solemnly swear that i am up to no good"
-Goal: 650 followers⚡️
QOTD: What would be your boggart?
AOTD: I don't know, maybe a dementor😂🙈
-coming soon: Some edits that I made myself💞 (I'm working on it✨)
-Hey guys,
Welcome to my Instagram account💕 Here I try to post every day funny and nice pictures of the Harry Potter series!⚡️ Hope you like it! If you have any advice or questions, you can DM me💖
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Nymphadora Tonks: Hufflepuff, Auror, HalfBlood 🌸
I hope this theme will be liked, I'm gonna do a row for each house (or more depending on how many characters i like that I want to make edits of lol) .
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No sword bites so fiercely as an evil tongue.


2016 GQ Style Brazil magazine photoshoot #DanielRadcliffe

‘Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus’
[never tickle a sleeping dragon] ⚡️🦁
So the other day I was going through the stuff I’ve bought & had been given to me from The Making of Harry Potter staff, I remembered I had these badges ‘The Philosopher’s Stone 15th Film Anniversary’ all House editions, feathers and Flight 2014 Hedwig, only available from The Making of Harry Potter at completely different times of the year, to have ALL FOUR HOUSE COLOURS IS EXTREMELY RARE & EXCELLENT! I have both Cursed child badges from @hpplayldn too! some custom made ones like my Nimbus 2000 badge! How I required these badges, from my previous post of me being at the studios for my 8th time I was given all four as a gift for being such a huge longtime fan and believe me the staff that work there really do notice the passionate/longtime fans like myself. I had gotten these due to the head of staff loving my badges on my Gryffindor backpack & me just being in my Gryffindor gear! I’ve added my 8 studio tour tickets. Harry’s diary replica was given to me by @warnerbrosentertainment in the blu-ray boxset. Only 25,000 in the whole world. I’m happy to have it. Everything here was a free gift to me. Few things I also have that I couldn’t fit in but mostly it’s just sweets and wizard cards! It’s my birthday in 7 days. Harry’s is the 31st July mine is the 30th October the day before his parents were murdered. So I wanted to put my gifts I received from @wbtourlondon together as thanks for treating me and noticing my passion! And also for 2004 for arranging me to meet @emmawatson And Daniel Radcliffe for autographs They really do treat fans really well! Thank you Jo Rowling for Harry Potter and every single person who helped bring Hp to the screens. Proud Gryffindor. Proud Harry Potter fan forever. ⚡️✨📚🔮🦁🗡📙📘📗📕⛺️💫🦉📰🎬🎞🗝 #harrypotter #harrypottercollection #jkrowling #gryffindor #gryffindorpride #themakingofharrypotter #warnerbrosstudios #hogwarts #danielradcliffe #emmawatson #albusdumbledore #harryswand #jkrowlingswizardingworld #potterhead #potterheadforlife #maraudersmap #20yearsofharrypotter #hedwig #15thanniversaryphilosophersstone #hufflepuff #ravenclaw #slytherin

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