El and Danielle , miss them together 💖
please everyone go amd listen to Liam’s new song called Familiar with J Balvin ! that song is so good omg !! 😍❤️
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*Chapter 29*
*All the boys come back home after their interview. Door bell rings*

You: I'll open.
* You run towards the door and as soon as you open the door you hug Liam. He hugs you back. He looks super happy after the confession*

Louis: Boo bear also needs a hug!!
You: Here you go.
*You hug all the boys one by one as they enter in excitement you also hug Harry. He doesn't seem too happy but shocked about it*

Harry: Get off me🙄.
You: Sorry!!
* Suddenly you see three girls walking in. They hug you but you don't know who they are*

Danielle: My girls!! *They all hug Danielle but you are still in shock*

You( whisper to Liam): Who are they??
Liam: It's better if their boyfriends introduce them.... Hey!! Louis, Zayn and Harry introduce them to her.
Louis: Diana this is Eleanor my lovely girlfriend, and Eleanor... this is Diana.
You: Hi Eleanor.
Eleanor: Hey!!
Zayn: This is Perrie, my girlfriend.
Perrie: Nice to meet you Diana.
You: Nice to meet you too😊.
Kendall: I'm Kendall btw. Nice to meet you.
You: Hii, it'll be nice to have a girl company 😅.
Perrie: Yeah!! We all are friends you can always join our group.
You: Thank you.
Kendall: Friends don't thank sweetie.
You: Ok Kendall😂.
Kendall: You can call me Ken.
Eleanor: You can call me El.
Perrie: You can call me... Ugh I don't have a short name🙄.
You: *Laughs*. *Your POV*
*El is such a beautiful girl so is Kendall. Perrie has a cute little face and she is really funny. Zayn looks a little quieter since they all have come. I'm really angry about Harry right now because he was really rude out there and he didn't even bother to introduce Ken. Suddenly it hits me that Niall didn't bring his Gf, does he have one?? And I quickly shoot him with a question*

You: Nialler you don't have I girlfriend??
* You ask Niall who has already pounced on his piece of 🍰*
Niall (food stuffed in mouth): Food is my girlfriend 💗. *All laugh at him and you all enjoy the evening having fun and playing games*

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My favorite outfit is the 2 and you ? 🙊

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Favourite hairstyle of Danielle’s out of her 3 for Coachella!! 😍😍 - Kimberley 💋
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April 13 2015 from Jade’s Instagram — “@jadethirlwall Me n @daniellepeazer were LIVING in @legolandwindsor 💛☺️🙌 most fun I’ve had in ages!” #littlemix #jadethirlwall #daniellepeazer

April 12 2015 — Jade at Legoland with Danielle (5/6). #littlemix #jadethirlwall #daniellepeazer

April 12 2015 — Jade at Legoland with her family, and Danielle (2/6). #littlemix #jadethirlwall #daniellepeazer

April 12 2015 — Jade at Legoland with her family, and Danielle (1/6). #littlemix #jadethirlwall #daniellepeazer

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