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Totally obsessed with this ❤️

🔥#DanielleCampbell for @ferrvormag photographed by @kaleb_khu at the rooftop of the boutique hotel Chamberlain in West Hollywood. 📷

I took a 3 hour nap and I woke up confused as fuck 😂

+ season 1 haylijah was everything😂(also sorry for posting yesterday! I was on a senior trip)[fc: 2382]

#DanielleCampbell for #Ferrvor


Her close ups are always freaking perfect 💕💕 #daniellecampbell

she's a cute girl, but gorgeous devours cute

only the first one is a plot twist

Danielle during the behind the scenes for ferrvormag #daniellecampbell @thedaniellecampbell

They look like that badass couple in high school that you can't get close to them GOD THEY'RE SO hot
از حق نگذریم=| شبیه اون زوجای هاتین که تو دبیرستان(خارجیا😐😂) نمیتونی بهشون نزدیک شی وگرنه میکننت😐🔥(شیپ نمیکنم:/)
@thedaniellecampbell #DanielleCampbell

Danielle during the behind the scenes for ferrvormag #daniellecampbell @thedaniellecampbell

Ah se o Marcel ver isso dona Davina...
#theoriginals #daniellecampbell


Posting this again because people go so annoyed at the comparison and hating Louis for it FUCL YOU AND KEEP IT TO YOURSELF GO BE A CUNT SOMEWHERE ELSE

مود😐😂 امتحان چطوری بود؟:)
من که ریدم:") ینی خیلی ریدم:")
معدلم 18 میشه بخدا:/
@thedaniellecampbell #DanielleCampbell

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