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i’ve decided to only post TO
for the rest of this theme 😂
that’s only if i can keep it up
| q | ~ rebekah or nik?

how thoughtful of him 💘🍒😄🌟

~~~ "Back Cutout Maxi Dress by Bcbgeneration."
× ××Serie: The Originals. ×
××Episode: "Moon Over Bourbon Street" {1x17} × ××Worn by: Davina {Danielle Campbell}

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What is your favorite ship on TVD?

The woman that I love more than anything
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📸| #daniellecampbell via Instagram de @michelleganney

📸| #daniellecampbell via Instagram. "Estou realmente triste em dizer que não poderei mais participar do festival de cinema Chelsea Women In Power Benefit, devido a um conflito de programação em um projeto atual. Por favor, apoiem todos os incríveis palestrantes e palestrantes deste evento que compartilharão suas jornadas inspiradoras e palavras especiais"

we were taking notes about soccer in pe today. tell me why the teacher looks my way and says, “we’re not talking about one direction.” like wha- i was just taking notes-

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right when he saw the camera, he was like, “oh shit, can’t let anyone see me sitting all daintily, i have to man spread !!!!” we love a closeted, dainty, soft, gay, queen ! 👸🏽

that flannel is totally harry’s . it’s wayyyy too big on louis 😍😍😘

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