She thinks she’s so funny and goofy. She lookin like a troll in this video. That ain’t goofy honey, that’s just plain stupid

You’re hairstyle ain’t lookin too hot though 😂😂😂

She ain’t slick 😂😂😂

I really don’t feel bad for her. She’s always shitting on everybody else. Does she really think that she’s not gonna get the same treatment back? Girl bye.

Ngl her hair kinda lookin ugly 😂😂

Make up your mind

“Without make up or makeup?” Girl-


Ngl this is me

She needs to calm down with acting and dressing older than she is. If she’s not careful somethings gonna happen to her. I hope she knows all the shit she does now will stick with her hoe ass forever
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Your hairdos not doing you any favors

I feel like malus gonna be fat when she’s older (not being rude just my honest opinion)

FACTS 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @real.ona @malutrevejo Cr: @s.edxts

Wonder what trash song she’s making now

No one wants to be with you for you honey. No one likes your personality


She’s the opposite

Y’all I really bet that she’s the loyal one

Ruined my childhood. Didn’t even sing the words right

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