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TO [4x03]
I almost forgot to post today

Klaus or Rebekah?

[3x07] 31.3k
Love this thanksgivings episode 😂😂😂
Ic @hayvinas

📷 | Detrás de escenas durante la temporada 2. #TheOriginals #josephmorgan #TOtemporada2 #danielgillies #daniellecampbell

AU: Marcel kills Kol, Elijah and Klaus and Hayley sees it 😰

Requested by @hapscop 💕

🎵: Warriors - Imagine Dragons (trap remix)


My underrated babies🎈

app: cute cut pro
ac: non mi ricordo rip
tgs: #doseph #dosephedit #danielgillies #danielgilliesedit #josephmorgan #josephmorganedit
video: #viditalytube
privato: @michelafuschino

tvd | elena gilbert
[comment to be tagged next]
↳q: human or vampire elena?⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
↳a: i love both but vampire a bit more

>> the originals
[fc; 291]

this scene is so amazing like omg. first eps... I can't believe it's already ending ); ♡♡

• Q》 rebekah or hayley?
• A》 bekah :)

The true meaning of Whatever😎😍❤
O verdadeiro significado de Tanto faz 😎😍❤
#theoriginals #klausmikaelson #elijahmikaelson #marcelgerard #josephmorgan #danielgillies #charlesmichaeldavis #neworleans #mikaelson #mikaelsonfamily

So here we are
#fangirlchallenge 6 TV shows
(no special order)
1. The Originals
Why not statt with this show, this show wich made me crying and laughing, wich broke my heart into pieces, wich gave me a pure love, greatest friendships and a family bond nothing ever can break. I think it was August 2 years ago when I've started to watch it. I've watched a lot of shows in my life, and i had a lot of couples I liked, but then there was Klaus, and Camille, and I've lost my heart. And now, after 5 seasons it's over, and i really hope it will be a good end. Bc they deserve a good end, all of them.

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