Dari kiri ke kanan,belakang ke depan: 1) Bront Palarae dicampur Joko Anwar dicampur Ki Joko Bodo 2) Vokalis Sixpence dicampur Via Vallen 3) Logo KFC dikasi Nyawa 4) Kembang Tahu Cimahi 5) Guru Senam SKJ sekolah Mentari 6) Bupati San Andreas 7) Miniatur Nico Robin 8) Bintang Iklan Oppo.
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Circa 2017 #danielchyndar #latepost

Lelaki-lelaki nakal tapi gak mapan #danielchyndar #wedding #latepost

I've been bestfriend with @chynaya for 7 years, along the way I started to know her longtime partner @danielpriatna. Prolly he's the first guy whom I acknowledge not as my bestfriend's boyfriend (now husband) but as my bestfriend too. 10 years was not a short time and people think that yours was an easy fairytale. But I've heard all the struggling of life you guys have passed, and how both of you choose to stay besides all the obstacles. The Libran and Geminian manage to always bring the best in each other, to make themselves find who they are in the process. This, this is what I call Love.

#danielchyndar #chyndardaniel

swipe left to see #danielchyndar supporters No.1 since 2007 ♥️♥️♥️♥️✨✨✨✨

Happy wedding @chynaya 🐰💕 #danielchyndar

After 10 years!! Seneng banget chynayy you finally made it, your dream wedding. Never been this happy at someone's wedding before, but yours was just so beautiful & heartwarming😭 Wishing you more and more wonderful journey ahead ya Chyn & Niel! Love🖤 #danielchyndar

Chyndar & Daniel wedding day. My fav couple since junior high school til forever & one of the cutest couple I know. Happy-happy selalu Chyn&Niel!
& just remember, a happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers! 💕😘🌼👰😘💕 #danielchyndar

Only have these photos at danielchyndar's wedding from my phone,, sukses nil chyn,, entar aing nyusul eaa #danielchyndar

💟 At #chyndardaniel #danielchyndar wedding party 🍃

It was a little reunion for us 🌹🌹🌹 #danielchyndar #kmsr

Creds to : @ristiulfha &berbagai sumber.

@danielpriatna and @chynaya
photographed by Torik Danumaya
styled by Arishiarizka
set design by Arishiarizka, Nasha Bahasoean, Chyndar Naya Putri
Assistant: Adeline Yang, Sarita Saras
#danielchyndar #mimipipi

How many Japanese does it takes to change a lightbulb?

All around the way from Tokyo to Bandung to attend @danielpriatna & @chynaya's wedding. Congratulations and yes it was worth it! (since 2014) #danielchyndar #bandung #wedding #vsco

Pre-wedding photo of Chyndar Nayaputri & Daniel Priatna W.
Photographed by Torik Danumaya
Styling by Rizka Amalia
Set design by Rizka Amalia, Chyndar Nayaputri, Nasha Bahasoean
#020917 #DanielChyndar #mimipipi #adoptmepls

"Tempo doloe"
Photographed by Torik Danumaya
Styled by Rizka Amalia
Set Design by Rizka Amalia, Nasha Bahasoean, Chyndar Nayaputri #DanielChyndar

A set made by @arishiarizka , Nasha Bahasoean, and the bride herself - @chynaya for her pre wed shoot #DanielChyndar

I'm not a sentimental person per se when it comes to marriage. I did not cry at all, but yeah their wedding was too beautiful (although humble) not to be posted. Congratulation to both of you. Enjoy the sunny days and endure the stormy ones. #DanielChyndar #ChyndarDaniel

sebelum basi, these are my kondangan dates for yesterday chyndar & daniel's dreamy wedding, so happy to witnessed such a wonderful and powerful love, made me believe that true love does exist ❤ cheers to many more happy days! #danielchyndar

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