Daily devotional The Word for Today with Pr Orlando Granados. English version
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19 years (!!!!) since the 3 of us saw @gomeztheband in Leicester - tonight in @rockcitynottingham for the 20 year anniversary tour!!!!! #bringiton #gomez #gomeztheband #nottingham #redstripe #mercurymusicprize #dangeroustimes

Good Morning! Remember to spend time with those you love. Follow @dangeroustimes_ for more. Found 4” x 6” photo #vernacularphotography #dangeroustimes

Good Morning! Remember to spend time with those you love. @dangeroustimes_ Found 4” x 6” photo #vernacularphotography #dangeroustimes

Nap time !

The Comey book? I'm a little over half way in, keeping an open mind because I truly believe you can't comment unless you've filtered information yourself. I can say I still find Comey a pompous asshat for those of you who wanted to know. I'm not ready to say more but on I press. .
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Being so VERY OPEN about how much I hate what our government, the GOP and Chump have become, I get messages like this all the time... and the answer really is NO! I am not loving seeing our country dragged into another war, that could potentially get millions of people across the world killed, both American and non-American, soldier and civilian. I don’t want our economy to tank because the shit bag greedy war mongers currently sitting in power positions choose greed before country!!! I want the 1% to stop raping our countries wealth! I want the criminal bastards in Congress to go to jail rather than to be able to resign and get $80k a year and full benefits for the rest of their lives for doing nothing, I want all the shit he and his fellow gremlins have done in the last year and a half to be brought back to what Obama worked 8 years to get us! I want clean air and clean water for my fellow Human beings and future generations, I want no more oil spills in the Dakotas. I want a future we can be proud of, and not a return to times of segregation and hate, aka the history of our country no one wants to acknowledge!!!! This fucking circus of an administration has broken our country and divided its people! This war is all chump has left to try and make himself something for the history books other than the WORST PERSON EVER to live in that house! #fucktrump #nevertrump #notmypresident #stoprepeatinghistory #ww3 #stopkillingus #impeachforpeace #lockhimup #beforeitstoolate #dangeroustimes #hateful #criminals #whitecollarcrimes #dividingourcountry

I'm laughing, and crying. All at once 😂 If these don't explain my attitude these past few days, nothing will. I've been on a hell of a war path. Wanting to fight with anyone and everyone, especially if I feel they've failed me in any way, shape, or form. Failing plans have hit consistently during this. Repressed problems rising to the surface to fuck up my mind, particularly these past few nights. I've had family health problems making themselves known, and more since this began. Nearly at the end... #mercuryretrograde #periodhumor #deadlycombination #ithithard #astrology #humor #periods #dangeroustimes

WASHINGTON D.C. TONIGHT at Pearl Street Warehouse...#dangeroustimes

Important discussion last night on #syria and #chemicalweapons On @thestoryfnc w @billhemmer , the consummate professional on @foxnews . Always enjoy panel w @j_williams1977 and Tom Rogan of @washingtonexaminer #foreignpolicy #strategy #nationalsecurity #dangeroustimes

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