"I love to make Napali food because it reminds me of my grandfather, and when he used to cook for us" - Rajesh

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"The most important thing about food is the sharing, and bringing people together" - Hernan, owner of Señor BBQ
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"Food is about so much more than just the taste, and events like this one brings people from all around the world together" - Matilda
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Elhan and her husband Sam makes all their food from scratch, the same way their parents did in Libanon.
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"We are proud of the food we from China, I like making people my favorites food, it makes me proud" - Chen
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"Making traditional Japanese food takes me back to Tokyo, it feels like I'm home again" - Aiko

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The annual Dandenong World Fare celebrated world street food and featured more than 50 food trucks, live music, dancing, free face painting and free henna hand painting.

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About 34,000 people got a taste of the world at Dandenong Market on Sunday 25 March.
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Before The Feast - #dandenongworldfare

Everywhere you looked around the market there were people eating Malaysian sticky winds with fried rice and Asian slaw. In order to keep up with the demand Briana from ‘Malay Escape’ had to crack four dozen eggs an hour!

Before The Feast - #dandenongworldfare

Nothing can beat a traditional spinach and feta Gozleme. Aisha and Mohammad, the married couple running ‘Dough Works’ said they could easily sell 400 on a busy day, and today most definitely was that!

Before The Feast - #dandenongworldfare

Nepal Cuisine was serving up chicken skewers and sweet potato curry. One of the few vegetarian options at the fare the curry was a comforting and healthy main course (although that comfort could be quickly dispelled by the table spoons of chilli paste that was included on the side for brave customers)

Before The Feast - #dandenongworldfare

Simply Sri Lankan is a permanent stall at the Dandenong Market. Every day their serve hinders of people roti and traditional friend rice with spicy scrambled egg.

Before The Feast - #dandenongworldfare

Saccha juice was serving freshly squeezed sugar cane juice, mixed with fresh fruits. While owner Damian said ginger was the most popular, his all time favourite was the juice mixed with fresh berries and passion fruit.

Before The Feast - #dandenongworldfare
Twisted potato’s may have started as a Taiwanese treat, but they have become staples of festivals and fares all around the world. Kumar and his aunt Patvi are putting their own spin on the deep-fried snack with tradition Indian spices.

Before The Feast - #dandenongworldfare
Smoke was billowing out of “Flamin’ Skewers” and the smell of charcoal grilled lamb was attracting quite the crowd. Linda and Rotha were serving up delicious Cambodian BBQ all day at the fare.

Before The Feast - #dandenongworldfare
While the wind nearly blew away their tent, it also blew the delicious sent of paella across the fare ground. Melbourne Paella has been in operation for nearly 6 years, playing with tradition Spanish flavours, and experimenting with new ingredients from across the world.

Met some great ppl today 👋@dandenongmarket #dandenongworldfare #dandenongworldfare2018 ! Super busy making Langos 🧀🍓for everyone 😋❤️💋

#bestlangos had the best day selling our Langos 🧀🍓 @dandenongmarket #dandenongworldfare ! It was such a great day with multicultural music, dancing etc & mixed weather ☀️🌦 thank you 😊@dandenongmarket for organising a great event 👏

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