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It’s been a rough week so I’ll just leave this right here for some entertainment @taliise @macie4sho @m0rganb
I hope y’all enjoy watching #freyainmotion #blueeyes #wildchild #toddlersofinsta #dancerlife #dancer #tinydancer #blondeshavemorefun #shesgotstyle #shesgotgrace #shesgotabeautifulface #shakeyegg #iknowachicken

Pissy on the right, happy on the left. Haha 😆 #fbf #throwback #dancinggirl

Never stop dancing. 💃🏻 Hey beautiful people. -
Today a personal story telling. -
This story should motivate you to never give up your dreams. -
** When I was 5 years old, my father send me to the ballet school and I loved it. I loved to move my body on classic music, I was fascinated how movement and music floes in to each other. I was also practicing at home and always want to dance for some audience. -
** Suddenly when I was growing up, I still love to dance. So I decided to go to a professional dance school. At that time my father left the house and I was only by my mother. I told her I want to become a professional dancer. !And here is where I what you guys to listen up!
When somebody tells you that your dream are nothing for "the real life" stop listen and walk away.
At that time I ask my mom to help me to fulfill my dreams. Because at that time I was very young and dependent. So she said no, that is not a real job, I can't help you. -
** So I decided to take a job, save money and after a few months I can pay it by my own. -
** 6 months later I was in a bad car accident. Diagnosed with whiplash injury. A lot of therapies and physical pain hits my body for years. -
** My dream to become a professional dancer was over.
I was physical not able to train. -
** And here's where my mental pain begins. I was blaming my mom the car driver how hits me. Everyone.
I was really depressed and frustrated. -
** Luckily I overcame my pain and started to dance just for me. I took dance lessons and I was aware, that it is for me. No pressures nothing. -
** So from the bottom of my heart I highly recommend you, GO FOR YOUR DREAMS. DON't LISTEN TO OTHER OPINIONS. They don't know what's the best for you. Only YOU know, what's the best for you. -
🙏❤️ I wish you all a wonderful weekend.
Stay strong and believe in your power. 🙅🏻💃🏻
#motivation #moveyourbody #ballet #ballett #dreamgirl #dancing #dancinggirl #nevergiveup #setyourselffree

Для любителей перевода англ текстов песен👿👄💋#дветани#экзот#exoticevening#exot#exoticdance#poledance#dancinggirl#dancing#showgirls#poleart

#BTS Insta with the lovely @ciaracgray

#PoleStrength is a very specific #strength that you can only get from training on the pole. I took a two month break because I was uninspired and had other priorities. I lost a considerable about of strength so I’m just taking it back to basics and getting a little conditioning in in a tight space where I am super limited.

#PoleFitness #StrengthTraining #UpperBodyWorkout #DancingGirl #SpinPole #XPert

Dancing into the weekend 👯 #happyfriday #ballett #dancinggirl #backtofamilylife

And I got a phone call right when I was getting started... #PolePractice #PoleDance #DancingGirl

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