Flipping with excitement! The weekend is almost here! #almostfriday #acro #flip #dancevibes

I heard this quote recently - β€˜If you’re jealous of someone, you’re actually inspired by them’. I LOVE this for dancers. At Studio 21, we have a range of talents and gifts amongst students. Some dancers can get there leg above their head, others have beautiful port de bras (arm movements). All of these things make Studio 21 special. I had a chat with my tweenie teens class about being inspired by others around you and what we can do about it - for example, complimenting each other on our successes and even asking each other β€˜How did you learn to do the move like that?’. It’s very important to me that our dance environment stimulates growth, kindness and is a space to be our unique selves. πŸ’• See you all next week - Miss C.

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