Kicking off my Dance Medicine Class pilot this year at two wonderful studios! Had so much fun this afternoon doing pre-testing and first lecture @alivedanceworksyyc and @leapstudiosdance!! BIG thank you to my two wonderful assistants @tamara_block and @jada.k1ss - I couldn’t have done this without you today! Here’s to year full of dance anatomy, dance Physio topics, self treatment techniques and tracking injuries!! Stay tuned folks!! #indepthphysio #dancephysio #settinganewstandard #injuryprevention #danceeducation #worksmarternotharder

Dancers! Are you looking for something to do this chilly Sunday? You should add us on your Snapchat!!! 🙋‍♀️ See our Snapcode 👆Stay tuned for us to start “Snapping”👍
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Age 10, 20 and 80! Your body might be dancing for a long time! Make sure you look after it. #dancemedicine #dancephysio #physiofordance #danceforlife

DANCE freely with no pain!
Case :
Melissa initially came in for knee pain that she has been having for almost 4 months prior to consulting us. She would have discomfort at the front of her knee joint each time she does a jump in her ballet class. After a thorough assessment, we identified that the root cause of her pain was actually coming from her hips and lower back malalignment that was causing increased load to one knee!

A true example of how the area of pain is not necessarily the area that needs some fixing

Testimonial from Melissa :
Physiowerkz has created awareness for myself, such as observing the way I walk and the usage of different muscles. I feel much more confident in exerting myself in dance nowadays as I used to fear getting injuries. Overall, I have benefited from all the sessions I have attended so far. =) It was a pleasure to be able to help you Melissa - you're one of a kind that smiles when in pain! Now that you’re away to pursue your further studies – looks like your sister Melanie will be taking over your place! 😅

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We are sponsoring the Brisbane International Contemporary Dance Prix this coming week in Brisbane. Melissa Tattam one of our dance physiotherapists will be working onsite with the dancers providing injury management and advice for the event @bicdprix

It’s time to smart stretch. 💪🏼
New blog post up! Check it out and let me know what ya think!
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Being a young dancer or athlete and suffering an injury that forces you to stop can be a frightening and frustrating experience. With the right guidance however you can actually turn it around to be a positive experience of growth and improvement. Our client Zanthe from @dancelabaustralia has shown great mental strength and resolve working through a foot injury that put her into a ‘moon boot’ for 8 weeks. Despite the injury we are able to help maintain and improve technique and correct the contributing factors to prepare for a full and safe return to dance as soon as possible. Today she was able to safely participate in our Friday arvo Dance Conditioning class with only a few modification 👊🏽💫💚
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Músculos • tendones • ligamentos • nervios • arterias al servicio de la DANZA.


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Are you a dancer who struggles with flexibility? Or you just want to increase your flexibility? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
Dance Physiotherapists can help! Did you know you don’t have to be injured to get help from a Dance Physiotherapist?!?🧐
Featured here is a male dancer who came for one treatment session and made GREAT progress in hip extension. Hip extension is what is needed for arabesques, splits and many acrobatic elements! 😲
Interested in signing up for a session? Want to learn more? Message us!
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The joy of your first time jumping post ACL reconstruction!
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Whether you are creating a new habit of daily exercise or you're a professional athlete, rest days are extremely important! Especially active rest days!

Active rest allows your body to move in a different manner than you normally train. These days provide the mental and physical break your body desperately needs and yet maintain your focus and help your muscles recover. Because repetative movements can cause chronic injuries over time, incorporating days to rest can help your body naturally heal itself. Active rest has the added benefit of facilitating circulation and maintaining cardiovascular endurance.
So what exactly is active rest? Well, it encompasses a variety of activities! From swimming, hiking, walking, easy jogs, light resistance band exercises, thai chi, yoga, foam rolling and even roller blading! Almost anything which is done at low-level exertion can be considered active rest. **Keep in mind** this applies to off-season athletes! In-season (and pre-season) athletes should consult their strength coaches and athletic trainers for the best strategy to prepare their body for competition. Generally, rest days for in-season athletes are best spent with recovery specific programs like myofascial release and contrast bathing, along with, specific methods for active rest. Stay tuned for a post on recovery!

What is your favorite active rest activity?
Which are you most excited to plan on your next rest day?

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So what is this all about ? Who am I? What am I doing ?
s4d and band-ITS consists of a free resource channel for dancers (strength4dance @ YouTube) and some carefully designed conditioning programmes designed for the dance studio (Band-ITS Barre, Core & Body). Band-ITS barre has its launch this year and is suitable to run at any studio with a fixed barre, or at home with a door anchor system.
Designed by me, a physio for dancers and retired dancer, to help you create a strong body so that you can keep on dancing for as long as you wish.
Get on board and give it a go !
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So excited to announce that the brand spanking new-look PFP website is now LIVE!

Find out all about our services, our ethos and our therapists - and of course book in your appointments at https://www.perfectformphysio.com.au/

Love the new look? Let us know in the comments! #perfectformphysio #physiotherapy #dancephysio #sydneyphysio #surryhills

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