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Errmahgawd it's really real! And and and the trailer is out today!!!!!!!! I'm so excited and I feel so blessed ☺️ thanks so much everyone! I hope you had wonderful Chrissies and are looking forward to the NY! Bring on April 2017 😜 big love ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙊 #danceacademyau #danceacademythemovie #luckiestgirlintheworld #merrychristmas 🎄

Dance Academy só vai estar na Netflix até dia 19 de abril! Pra quem ainda não terminou a série, como eu, é melhor fazer uma maratona. Essa série, que tem três temporadas, mostra o mundo da dança como ele é: com luta, amores, frustrações e conquista. Minha professora indicou pra mim, e não consigo parar de assistir. Estou no começo da terceira temporada. O filme da série vai ser lançado no dia 6 de abril, mas acho difícil chegar aos cinemas brasileiros, infelizmente. #danceacademy #danceacademyau #balletclassico #netflix

This is such an achievement for my music career, having a song as the feature music for the film Dance Academy, coming out on 6th of April 2017 // Enjoy!🎬💃🏼❤🎼 @danceacademyau #danceacademyau

dance academy | suburbia
cc xpetrovavids ??
(probably deleting this is so lq 🤢)

forever thing. (#omgpage)
cc: @voidgold
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show: dance academy
i just finished this show i'm so sad it's over

I gonna leave this beautiful girl here! ;) #danceacademymovie #danceacademyau

Due to the overwhelming response and the amazing generosity of the @danceacademyau production, Bloch is happy to announced that two lucky Bloch fans have won the opportunity to be an extra on Dance Academy The Movie! Congratulations to Madison and Isaac on winning this fantastic opportunity! We look forward to seeing you on the big screen. Thank you to everyone who entered. And don’t forget to follow their journey and find out more news about the film at @danceacademyau - The Bloch Team #blochau #danceacademyau #amazing #love #competition


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