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this clip is so adorable ahh why am i crying

video; new years resolution fail

video; Halloween Baking- MONSTER POPS!
i've had this edit in my camera since november i cannot believe this
#qotd would you rather lose all the memories you've made so far, or never be able to make new ones

I puked today. I was drinking lemonade and kept it in my mouth then my friend showed me something funny so it went up my nose and I just puked. (sorry for those of you who are eating)

phil + snapchat filters yES

I already knew Dan was going to win before the video started

because we all need a little bit of happiness 😄 // dt: @celesulent thank you for helping with the transition! ily 💕 #ytgrc

[ do this in caps as well because it makes it seem like i'm cool ]

Ok so I'm pretty sure me and my mum were in London and we were waiting for someone to go into prison don't ask why and there was loads of people there and celebrities and shit and then this celebrity went into prison, then later it cut to me and my mum in a football stadium like thing and my mum was like hey Ellie look dan and Phil and compared to everyone else they were giants and I was like they're massive and then I couldn't work out if it was a hologram or not , then dan and Phil sit in front of us and I look down and accidentally get my shoes on their suits (I know posh posh) and later something was said on the intercom and dan was like yeah just like Ellie contacted her shoes onto my suit and Phil said it too something similar and I laughed and was like haha I wasn't meant to I. Can't control my feet! Then we started talking and dan was like like have you seen this?? And showed my mum then he showed me with half his hand over his phone and then it skipped to me on my phone going on to instagram about to tell you that the rats were talking to me but all my accounts had been hacked and the person was posting pictures I didn't even know existed on there and then it ended how creepy but amazing


Dan and Phil are uploading regularly?! (On the gaming channel at least) I love it - A

dannyfire is a sPicy woman

SORRY FOR NOT POSTING ALL NIGHT I HAD A COOLDUDE HANGOUT WITH SOME COOL DUDES //but I'm back guys, also sorry if I don't respond to some of the comments, there was a lot so they got deleted from my notifications yknow, but I'll try! Love y'all//

#notmyphil 😫💦😥‼️

i love him...
typical au where dan hates to admit he loves phil
posting it on here because i need some advice ok
song: won't leave you - tomppabeats
program: after effects 2017
dt: @danssdimple ay

i love suga so bad can he please run me over that's all i want

Here are some pictures that are on my camera roll that I have absolutely no intention of deleting any time soon :)))
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