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Just learned how to play "Calling all Skeletons" by @alkaline_trio !! #alkalinetrio #mattskiba #danadriano #derekgrant #callingallskeletons

When your old MySpace song come up on you gym playlist #DanAdriano

out on Cassette Store Day 2015 (10/17) on Wiener & @AsianManRecords it's... Dan Adriano In The Emergency Room "Party Adjacent" (CASS) AMAZING INDIE POP PUNK ROCK FROM #DanAdriano of @Alkaline_Trio!!! LSTN 2 "Wait" http://bit.ly/1MnCxlV KEEP AN EYE OUT ON wienerrecords.org/asianmanrecords.com

A little bit of The Falcon playing the La-z-boy 500 last night. #brendankelly #davehause #danadriano #thefalcon #smilingmoose

Catching Dan Adriano In The Emergency Room tonight. #theottobar #alkalinetrio #danadriano


Woooooooooo!! #danadriano

Waiting for the doors to open! #danadriano

teen hero #DanAdriano playing @ my job no big deal (actually kind of a huge deal tbh) <3

I don't wanna boast but seriously what a fucking night, shared with some of the best humans and some of the songs that shaped us all growing up. Life has been wild lately and seeing Matt Pryor and Dan tonight made me feel happy. Music and nostalgia is truly the best therapy. Also at 27 I think I fully understand every alk3 song for its true worth, life is too short man. This post is extremely IG worthy. "Just some words of advice, Maybe you've heard them before but here goes, Just be true to yourself if it lands you in hell, well, at least now you know" @danielandriano 🤘🏼💕🙈😭 🔥#cryingforever #alkalinetrio #danadriano #icandienow #fuckyes

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