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Graupel, also called soft hail or snow pellets is precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water are collected and freeze on falling snowflakes, forming 2-5mm balls of rime. #damnsurebetterthanrain #snowscience #snowdork

RIP Gregg Allman. I'll always remember and romanticize all the long blonde hair at my sisters wedding...I was the flower girl and u were one of those older Florida hippie country boys she ran with that I crushed out on at the earliest age a little girl can crush. Thanks for the memories and the music. #floridaproud🌴 #sweetmelissa #soulshine #damnsurebetterthanrain

When you can't find the light that guides you on the cloudy days,
When the stars ain't shinin' bright, you feel like you've lost your way,
When those candle lights of home burn so very far away,
Well you got to let your soul shine, just like my daddy used to say.
#soulshine 🌈
#itsbetterthansunshine 🌞 #itsbetterthanmoonshine 🌙 #damnsurebetterthanrain

Hey Dallas! Come hang with us tonight. Happy to be taking over Twilite Lounge around 10pm. It's gonna be free for all so just bring that beautiful soulshine of yours. #damnsurebetterthanrain #deepellummusic


If this song doesn't speak to you, you're dead inside. #soulshine #allmanbrothers #nowplaying #damnsurebetterthanrain

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