In honor of all of those who gave their lives for our freedom. We practice gratitude and love! Thank you for your service!
Memorial Day weekend schedule:
✨SATURDAY, May 26th: classes are as scheduled. No Cancellations.
✨SUNDAY, May 27th: 8am Yinyasa & 10am vinyasa ONLY. (All other classes cancelled that day)
✨MONDAY, May 28th: 10am hatha ONLY! (All other classes that day cancelled)
🖤Wishing you all a fun & safe holiday weekend🖤 #memorialday #gratitude

We are all winging it. That's what angels do! #happymonday #yogafamily Come sweat with us today! #seeyouonthemat
📸 by @siennarenee_photography



Friday after work 🍺 with the 🇩🇰 in #hongkong 🇭🇰 #weekend

🦃 I’ve befriended a #turkey and named him #chester ... #damnhippie

Your body is your temple. It will take you places you never knew existed. Create new boundaries you never knew you had. And take you to new heights both mentally & physically. BE OPEN! Mind over matter. Explore your limits! For the human body is a beautiful tool on the path to your best self! #seeyouonthemat 📸 by @siennarenee_photography

PS. Still some spots available in our EMPOWER YOUR PURPOSE workshop with @globalsoulyoga this Saturday! Raise your vibration! SAY YES!

"As I began to love myself my relationship with everyone changed." About 10 years ago & went through a huge shift. I left a steady job that wasn't serving me anymore. One that I worked hard in college to land....Then I left a long term relationship (that most people on the outside thought was perfect) that I knew in my heart was not the one I was meant to be in. It was scary & I was vulnerable. I spent a lot of time healing & allowed people to judge me & assume all the different scenarios of what happened. Why would she do that? I lost friends & people in my life that at the time I deeply cared about. (The real ones stayed) But slowly things started to take shape. I prayed & vowed to myself to always follow my heart. I reflected deeply on what would truly make me happy. What would allow me to wake up at the end of my days & say I did it right? Mentally I became stronger. I stopped caring what people thought of me. Every day I woke up happier. I lost extra weight I didn't even know I was carrying. My skin started to glow. I prioritized myself & I can say that I have never been in a better place. I'm not perfect. I have things I'm still working on and want to change and goals I want to reach. But I trusted the universe, followed my heart & as dark as some of those days were I would not change a thing. I would do it over & over again. #omshanti #peacepeacepeace #trustyourpath 📸 by @siennarenee_photography

✨ H A P P P Y M O N D A Y ✨ SPRING SPECIALS ARE LIVE!!!!!! Available today through May 25th only! Get it while it's HOT 🙌🏼 #Monday #yogaeverydamnday

Hot #summer nights in #hongkong 🇭🇰

24 min interval 🚴🏼‍♂️💨💨 is also a way to start a hot and humid week ☀️💦
🎥+🎤 by @johnho.ca 🧘🏻‍♂️
#hongkong 🇭🇰 #summer

I is happy like a 🐿 Best round ever on this discgolf course! Great weather, great friends and other things like that! #discgolf #frisbeegolf #sun #funinabun #sea #boat #spinning #combyourface #damnhippie #cannabiscorpse #enoughhashtags 👋🍾🎉

Amazing afternoon with @lsy.lisa watching #cirquedusoleil 🤸🏽‍♂️ Absolutely mind blowing performance 😍💪🏽 #hongkong 🇭🇰

...because there ain't nobody like mama....in honor of Mother's Day ALL MOMS PRACTICE FREE on Mother's Day! No need to do anything fancy, just bring her in and it's on the house! #showhersomelove #mothersday #thegiftofyoga

Trail running is a form of meditation for me. Counting my inhale, counting my exhale helps me keep a steady pace. Sometimes I chant mantras. Sometimes I try to breathe from my belly to feel the forest come alive. Meditating doesn't have to only be sitting still. We can offer up any action to the greater good with our presence and mindfulness.
Warned of bear activity in the area, I spent Tuesday's run chanting out loud Lokah Samasta Sukinoh Bhavantu - May all beings be happy and free. I wanted brother bear to know I respect my place among all earths creatures. 🐻🙏🏼
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Boyfriend- “can we have a conversation where you’re not doing a yoga pose?”😂Me- “yoga is life” 😜❤️ #yoga #everyday #yogagirl #yogapose #yogi #yogilife #damnhippie #loveandlight #love #light #happines #sunshine ☀️✌🏼

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