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@damietrue ... Vcs acham que todos são como vcs? Que vivem de montagens??? Não foram Jamelias que postaram as fotos. Foi um site de celebridades confiável. A mídia só divulgou. Porque ficar indagando se a verdade está aí na sua cara? Eu até entendo que vc quer manter essa fantasia. Mas, será que já não está na hora de acordar? Nada vai mudar! É triste ver como essa doença as consome. Triste mesmo. Espero que um dia encontrem a cura! Estou torcendo por vcs tá? 😙😙😙😙😙😙
Photo 1:
Post Damie -Where are shadows on the floor? Photo 2:
Millie - What? Our shadows? Are here.
Jamie - Besides crazy are now blind aff
Photo 3:
Millie - My chest hurts for them, tiny.
Jamie - These are the symptoms of the disease. Photo 4:
Millie - I'll see if you have a cure.
Jamie: It's better not even hope.
Photo 5:
Millie - Oh my love ... There is no cure ... Jamie - I already knew
@damietrue ... Do you think everyone is like you? Who live in montages ??? It was not Jamelias who posted the photos. It was a reliable celebrity site. The media just released. Why wonder if the truth is there in your face? I even understand that you want to keep this fantasy. But is not it time to wake up? Nothing is going to change! It is sad to see how this disease consumes them. Truly sad. I hope one day they will find the cure! I'm rooting for you, okay? 😙😙😙😙
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