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I’ve got so many things to celebrate right now! For instance... I’m almost ready to launch my online business! It will probably be live at the end of this month and I can’t wait! Thanks so much to @trazy_korea for sending me on their 4 day 3 night tour of Chuncheon. Cafe Santorini is one of my favorite cafes in Korea. 🇰🇷❤️🌸
P.s. one day, I’m going to the real Santorini. The count down is on! .
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🐕 Saying cheese for some cheese 😁

[about: strasbourg] 🐕 we really fell in love with Strasbourg, and its quiet, simple life. That said, I couldn’t imagine living here or any town this small. With only ten days here, we felt like we had seen everything by the second day, and towards the end we must have wandered the same streets dozens of times. Whiskey left no tree or corner unmarked. I have this weird wanderlust even on a micro level where I like to discover new alleyways, new shops and cafes. NYC may have spoiled us in that sense, having an infinite list of to-do’s and to-see’s that you can’t fully get to. But we loved Strasbourg and really recommend a visit to this lovely province of Alsace. I’d gladly return to see Colmar or Riquewihr in the summertime. 🥂

Spice up your life! The Carmel Market (the Shuk Hacarmel) is the largest market, or shuk, in Tel Aviv! You can’t come here and not buy anything, they have the freshest hummus, pita bread, pastries, colorful spices, olives, and every Dead Sea beauty products possible! 🌿💃🏻🍂🇮🇱

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Who wants to come explore #Nairobi with us? The video in which I show @sandystadelmann some fun things to do in the city is now up on my YouTube channel- linked in my bio. Food, night out, markets, beautiful scenery, wildlife...check it out 🌻🌼

That feeling when you’ve watched almost all of season one of The Crown in 24 hours and you start to feel downright regal yourself.

[about:dogs] 🐕 Best friends ❤️ I’ve never seen such loyalty as dogs can display for their owners. When either Shem or I enter a store and the other waits outside with Whiskey, the dedication and worry with which he stands by the door, trying to find us inside, his little cries of sadness when we take too long, is just too sweet for the heart to take. He likes when the three of us are together, and sometimes when I walk him by myself or Shem walks him by himself, he quickly does his business just so he can come home to reunite as a family. Now how can you leave a sweet pup like that home by himself, or worse, overseas? The joy he experiences when we come home is something everyone deserves to see and feel. Dogs are the absolute best!

No such thing as diet here.. unlimited hummus, pita bread, falafel, and some other small plates! Definitely worth working that 10 hour flight! I love #TelAviv 🇮🇱🥙🥦🍞🌿🥑

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Calling anyone with "An African Passport"! Finally created a trailer for my YouTube channel and you can expect adventure, food, interesting people and culture as well as destination guides/vlogs. I'm about to start sharing travel tips as well so subscribe for new videos every week and come explore the world with me! So excited for 2018! #LiveYourBestLife

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