Jökulsárlón is one of the most magical places we’ve ever been. It’s a glacier lagoon where uniquely worn down pieces of glacier make their way to the dangerous 🌊 on Diamond Beach to become nothing more than hand fulls of sparkle in the black sands. .
We were so lucky with weather. In the decade we’ve been traveling together we almost never take cold trips! Which would you choose? Palm trees and laying on the beach or bundled up hiking adventure!
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the pain - it's determined and demanding to ache. but I'm ok

Morning light - seeing the world in awe.

G O W I T H T H E F L O W.
I’m used to trips with an itinerary. Usually when I’m travelling for a client or a campaign my schedule is jammed for the entire trip working on deliverables and a shot list.
Do I hate it? No, it’s always a blast. But it does get a bit tiring when you’re always on the go.
When I planned this trip I tried to build out an itinerary for myself and it honestly went out the window. I didn’t want a schedule and I decided not to partner with hotels or tourism boards because I just straight up didn’t want extra work on my plate while I was gone.
When I got to the airport I threw out my itinerary. While I had a general idea of things that I wanted to do and see, I really just wanted to go with the flow. No schedules, no deliverables, no rushing to get anywhere to be on time for someone else.
It was about waking up, going where I felt like, eating where I wanted, seeing what felt like a good idea and letting the rest fall into place.
So simple. So good. It’s been forever since I’ve done that and it was just what I needed 🙏🏻💛
What about you? Do you need your trips/days planned out or do you wing it?
Happy Monday,

When the Mother calls, you show up, sit down n listen ! .
. 🍀Today was absolutely beautiful. In all ways. Gratitude🍀

Na vida nascemos apenas uma vez, mas ao longo da nossa trajetória morremos e nascemos quantas vezes for preciso.
São ciclos que terminam e outros que começam, assim como a primavera. Enterrar para florescer para o novo.
Nunca seremos amanhã, igual ao que fomos ontem. Muita bagagem carregaremos para vida, e muita, também deixaremos pelo caminho. Porque no fundo, somos todos viajantes. Bem-vindo, novo! Só tenho a agradecer! ❤️🙏🏻☀️🦋🌊
📸 @marleisson.fotografia .
📍 Praia de Grumari. RJ. 🇧🇷 .

Shades of green

bean there done that

Summer in Chicago throwbacks

Такое редкое селфи в моём Инстаграм и Супер полезный пост❤️

Думаю, вы заметили, а я напоминаю😉 Сейчас часто с Украины в Польшу возможно найти недорогие билеты, спасибо @wizzaircom и @ryanair

Поэтому сегодня в рамках тега #tophappybee о Вроцлаве ❗

Чем заняться там? Что не стоит пропускать? Что смотреть?

⏺️Старый город. Ратуша. Рыночная площадь. Соляная площадь
Сделать миллион фото, найти местное национальное кафе с польскими пирогами, зайти в самую старую пивную "Свидницкий погреб", покормить голубей и отыскать всех гномиков

⏺️Тумский мост и остров
Пройти по мосту и поверить, что теперь точно в прохожих Вы разглядите свою любовь. Я даже сфоткалась, чтоб наверняка 😉 И обязательно гулять по острову, особенно вечером атмосфера волшебная

⏺️Японский сад
Отдохнуть от толп туристов, прогуляться среди оазиса зелени, понаблюдать за местными утками

⏺️Мост Кающихся
Побывать тут и увидеть один из самых красивых видов на город

Если вы окажетесь там дольше, чем на уикенд то ещё есть Зоопарк, Гидрополис, смотровая Sky Tower и другие интересные места


birthday weekend

Poniedziałek w pięknym i słonecznym Porto dodał mi ogromnej dawki energii :) nie mogę się doczekać aż zacznę realizować moje nowe pomysły :) Kochani jak Wam mija poniedziałek ?
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Twisted fate

Can I go back to the moment I was enjoying the beautiful beach of Los Angeles? 🏝 🌊
Can’t wait to take a break from my hectic work schedule and go on my next adventure.
I am going to Utah & Arizona soon. Where are you going next?

done renovating the room😂 #midautumnfestival

💎🕌✨’Istanbul, a universal beauty where poet and archeologist, diplomat and merchant, Princess and sailor, northerner and westerner screams with the same admiration. The whole world thinks that this city is the most beautiful place on earth’ Edmondo De Amicis. 💙 #Istanbul #turkey #architecture #design #ihavethisthingwithtiles #travel #explore #wanderlust #travelblogger #travelphotography #travellingourplanet #topkapi #topkapipalace #sheisnotlost #beautifuldestinations #livebeautifully #passionpassport #livetotravel #explorerbabes #dametraveller #darlingescapes #thatravelblog #mytravelgram #borntotravel #instatravelling #instatravel #tlpicks

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