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Smudge in a bottle..
" Spray Away" is an excellent clearing mist that removes stagnant negative energy.
Use when you can not actually burn Sage and other resins.
Spray around Aura, pets, in corners of rooms, classrooms to help children focus, bedrooms especially if you dream and astral travel, in vehicles and any other places that needs clearing from heavy vibes.
$12. Spray Away
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Custom Wrist Wands-thank you for your business. <3
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Insight by Damaris This week I decided to read ashes.
"The Jewel Within"
How can one be optimistic in the eye of the storm? Celebrating transformation is a form of medicine which should be taken now.
What action can you take when those around you are for the lack of better expression, "coming apart at the seams".
This reading is asking us to go within and find a brilliant light of LIFE that is at the core of the soul.
Have you forgotten her? Do you know how to nourish and treat her so that she can secrete the extra breath, the extra step needed to restore spiritual and physical balance?

For some, outside influences are connected to the Angel of Death.
The reading says that some people around us are carrying the energy of death with them.
If you are in the midst of change and transformation, the best option is to up your Value System and intuition while moving about this week.
How much do you Value your mental, emotional and physical health?
How do you physically display
this value.
The conflicts that you witness outside of you reflects your personal inner conflict.

1.) relationships appear to be failing or changing.
The reading says, do nothing about the relationships rather go deeper within and find your happy center.
2.) confusion is setting in about work and job. The reading says some jobs will be lost because they would cause pre-mature death. Let go and revive yourself.
3.) some are looking for crafty ways to remain in toxic relationships. The reading says, evolve OR prepare to dig your own grave.
4.) some are wanting approval and praise from outside influences. The reading says this is pulling you away from being authentic which makes your soul suffer.
5.) some are feeling alone on their journey of evolution. The reading says your alone time is needed and sacred; you are not alone.

-increase water
-make love while thinking positive thoughts with your partner rather than have lustful sex this week
-juice fast
-increase green foods
-spiritual cleanse
-be quiet
-create support group or system
Make it an amazing week!
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Today's Insight by Damaris

Ah! So much to do, discover, rediscover, create, plant, grow, develop!
The Oracle says, it's a great time to be alive and in physical form.
Many of your spiritual team completely get the fact that in a past life, you were highly skilled and at the blink of an eye, you could change things.
Well... you decided to visit the planet this time around to relearn and perfect your skills so things aren't as quick as you'd like.
In fact people may get on your nerves because they too aren't quick as you'd like them to be :( During this era in your life, it is vital that you remember how excited you were to learn, to test and stretch your abilities!
Trial and error got you high.. this quick n an instant mentality was beneath you!
The Oracle ask, where along your path did you lose the love for self-discovery and development?
The Oracle ask, did you or your bloodline become infected by a breed of lazy parasites and now your life reflects them?
It is suggested that you choose 3-5 super powers that you know is in you, and develop them with patience, love and kindness toward you and others.
***Special Message***
I channeled Billy Holiday and here is the message:
Spread your magic around like wildfire. Make your mark, leave an impression.

catching up on music projects at early-thirty in the AM.
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A little Oshun energy for the lovie dovie in you.
Custom wrist wands.
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Fri, 10, 2017 Moon Ritual *Better than Ever*
black 7 day candle
white 7 day candle
Or reverse candle
glass of water
1 cup of brewed black coffee
5 pennies
5 oranges
pumpkin seeds
new journal
"let the past be the past, old habits fade fast, with the new moon tonight, I ignite this new
light. I'm better than ever, I'm better than ever, I've weathered the storms, I'm better than ever."
Light black candle focused on what you want to release out of your life.
Light white candle and focus on what you are seeing for your future.
Pour black coffee into the ground
with gratitude thanking your ancestors for assisting with the removal of obstacles.
Then pour glass of water into the earth with gratitude for clarity, new fruitful experiences and abundance.
With your breath, whisper into your pumpkin seeds your sincerest desires (avoid putting a particular person's name in your prayer) and put them on the ground around a tree, next to a river or wherever you're feeling the vibe.
Some time after 8 pm tonight, eat and of course share your oranges sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled honey affirming sweetness and goodness into your life.
Tomorrow start writing about your new plans etc in your journal while
having your 5 pennies on you.
Do this 5 days consecutively.
After, include your 5 pennies in your next bank deposit or in your home safe.
Stay positive, productive and happy.
Blessings! ~<3 Dstarr
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Are you sleeping with a vampire?
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Oracle Reign says: " If you are afraid of your gifts and inner powers, someone or something taught you to shun your own self.
If you are aware of this fear, your aura will not be
enslaved and eventually, you MUST do what you came to this planet to do."
Oracle Reign is $55. W/frame. Add $100. for an Oracle Reign personalized reading.
Inbox me.
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massage therapist, reiki practitioners, healers, those who use hands a lot and also those with arthritis, can benefit from specifically smudging hands. #LovetoSmudge #Sage #Cedar#SealofSolomonroot #Dragonsblood #Juniperberry #Chakras #meridans #energymedicine #damarisstarr

What are you burning this weekend?
I used to burn my regular go-to resins, however, switching up the scents can move more energy about. Change is always welcome and so we must change the vibes in our surroundings.
Insight coming up next.
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In my readings where mothers and grandmothers come through
my channeled readings, they all have the list below in common.
They want:
-you to be free from emotional
- you to leave abusive relationships
-you to talk with them and know
that they are hearing you
-you to ask them to assist with bringing the right intimate supportive partner into your life
-you not to feel obligated to help
a bitter family member that uses you and shows no appreciation
-you to acknowledge your worth
no matter if they didn't show you how
-you to wear an item (jewelry, scarf, accessory) that you have of theirs as a reminder that you have spiritual back up
-you to know that if they could have you all over again, they would -you to know that life is worth living no matter what..and that life continues after physical death
-you to know that being a mother is hard and people expect a mom to be a perfect God
-you to know that you are loved in the most humongous way.. to the moon and back..
-you to know that they wish to cook for you one last time, buut..they like being in their spirit homes
-you to know they are around your children and grandchildren
-you to know life is a gift
-you to know you can achieve what you think..
-you to know that if you get married or remarry, they will definitely be in the house!
To all the mothers in this realm and all realms, I love you! There is no world without a magical mystical womb! -dstarr
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Are you using the power of your words wisely and effectively?
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New products by Damaris,
"Witch Life" aura cleansing and enhancing spray AND Witch Life bath and shower salts.
Just in time for the Witches Brew class tomorrow!
Hope to see you there!

Tomorrow we discuss building our personal power, and of course we will practice our spell writing toward the end of class to win a special gift.
Hope to see you tomorrow, Tuesday, 7pm est.
in Phoenix and Dragon's event gallery.
Class is $20. Register (404)255-5207, or come in and register at front desk.
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New Product give away!
Free "Witch Life" spiritual bath and Spray with the purchase of your up-coming reading or chakra healing session with me.
Info: Witch Life
bath and shower salts

to remove negativity and enhance
spiritual power, bathe in 1/4 cup of salts for 45min. Salts can also be used in the shower for touch ups. For best results, use everyday until gone.
Ingredients: Elderberry, Blackberry leaves, African Sage, Open Mouth, Love, and other natural ingredients.
www.thecrowandthesage.com Witch Life
aura clearing and enhancing spray

Instructions: spray around aura, shrines, and in corners of ritual room to clear and create a potent space for manifestation.
Ingredients: Elderberry, African Sage, Angelica Root, Blackberry Leaf, Love, and other natural ingredients.
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"Keep it to yourself" week! Harness your energy and build spiritual support teams rather than inviting others around you (especially those with no real opinion) into your business.
You can be more successful with what you are embarking on if you do the work required and keep certain aspects private.
Make it an awesome week luv bugs!
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#roseoracle #roses #oracle #eve #sundays #conversationswithgoddessm #msge #damarisstarr #damaris #warrior #spirit #elevation #activate #blogtalk #radio #Goddess #march #5 #tunein #sundaynight #radioshow #call #in  Connect with the Goddess Energy and Activate the power of Creator within you with host Malane Shani aka Goddess M, International Life/Relationship Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Intuitive and Personal Growth and Development Expert and Co-Host Goddess Cristina Ashe', Intuitive, Life Recovery Coach, Sensual Cellular Massage &Energetic Therapist, Presenter of Sacred Words,and Holistic Wellness Practitioner. This week we'll be conversating with Damaris Starr, an Intuitive,and artist  Damaris uses an array of healing modalities to assist those who are seeking to restore balance in their lives. We'll be discussing, Activating Your Warrior. Where is your warrior spirit? Let's chat on Conversations With Goddess M. Topic for conversation:Tools for Elevated Living... Activating Your Warrior SpiritTo listen call (424) 222-5250 press 1 to share your light.

Contact Goddess M at Malaneshani.com or chatwithagoddess@gmail.com Contact Goddess Ash'e at bodydivine@gmail.com. Visit us at conversationswithgoddessm.com, Conversations With Goddess M on: Facebook, Wordpress Youtube. Contact Damaris: www.thecrowandthesage.com www.damarisstarr.com

"Self Worth requires Self Work"
If you took care of your Aura/Soul,
would it be possible for one disrespecting, violating person to enter your life and change the way you feel about yourself for years?
How long have you been suffering from lack of motivation, depression, low self esteem and self-hatred?
What makes a negative person more powerful than your destiny and desire to live just as you are?
Oracle Sage ask: Where is your warrior spirit? Have you nurtured your mind and body so that your soul can return to you whole and more potent than ever?
Have you given up and become a mirror reflecting your violators behavior?
Today, Oracle Sage reminds us to learn the difference between initiations and the death of the spirit.
When a force enters our lives and disrupts the very core of our existence, life is not over, rather it is beginning a new.
We have the ability, the opportunity to become greater, stronger, wiser, clearer and potent.
Oracle Sage says: Feed your mind with what it requires.
Feed your body with what it requires.
If you truly take care of your presence, your soul will return to you full of life and happy. After all, it is YOUR soul.
Blessings, -Dstarr

catching up on music projects at early-thirty in the AM.
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Be in competition with your higher self. In doing so, you raise your vibration constantly and begin to attract the reflections of your godliness rather than repeating old patterns. ~<3 Dstarr #thecrowandthesage #insightbydamaris #checkmate #queenstatus #damarisstarr #LoveYou

"Get Pre$ident$" "Money is Currency,
It's for Me to Have,
When I Spend A Jackson, Grant,
Franklin, I get money right back.
Flowing with the four directions,
wherever I am, Abundance come
to me swiftly in the palms of my hands."
-Business card or Item/picture
from where you want to receive blessings from
-7 Day candle (green, road opener, etc.) I suggest working with whatever energy you benefit from
-Frank n Myrrh incense or money incense
- glass of water and a treat for an ancestor - a compass or items that represent all directions
Clear an area with Frank n Myrrh incense or Money incense.
Speak aloud to a possible business owner or relative who managed money/energy well that you know is with you in spirit, or your spirit guides that support you.
Ask them to join you during your ritual etc.
Say a specific dollar amount that you want to come to you via business, etc.
Write that dollar amount down
and place it under your money,
light your candle and place on top of the money.
Speak into your glass of water the dollar amount and place next to candle and treats.
Repeat your money mantra 7 times.
Pour glass of water outside of front door.
Tape a bill on inside of your door
(to represent $$$$ coming into your home).
Keep for 7 days.
For the next 7 days, be optimistic about your money goals, verbalize your desire to get an increase from a manager, market your business,
contact a person who may owe you money, etc.
Do this as often as you like!
Happy Pre$ident$ Day!

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