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We are proud to announce that after 3 years Dalriada will return to the Czech Republic! We'll play in Plzen, at Metalfest Open Air 2017 on the 2nd of June! See you there, Dalriadors! ;) #dalriada #folk #metal #metalfest #czech

Dodging the showers at the #fairheadmeet...great to see everybody again. Always a good atmosphere at the Mc Bride's no matter what the weather :) #dalriada #climbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram

Absolutely loved my meet & greet with Nathan Carter with my other half @runrebeccarun. What a great night #nathancarter #glenarm #dalriada

🎉New Flavour Alert 🎉
This one is for all our friends in North Antrim & just in time for the Auld Lammas Fair.
Yellowman Gelato!

Great bunch altogether 🍌 #formal #dalriada

Dalriada. We were there in the first row.
#fezen #dalriada #székesfehérvár

Such a diverse album

#dalriada #kikilet


Hand pulled screen print on a tea-stained pure linen cloth. The linen has been carefully hand dyed layering several qualities of tea leaves. The result is a perfectly aged fabric with different colour intensity.
Designed by our friend and amazing artist Sean Fitzgerald, and screenprinted by Limbs-Disarm collective, this unique piece of art is the representation of one of the most important characters of Irish legends.
Balor’s Realm print is as mysterious as it gets. It shows the wild northwest part of nowadays Donegal, Ireland, with accurate references to locations and places that stood out in Irish myths and legends. The core of this artwork is without doubt Thúr Rí, the Gaelic for Tory, the misty island inhabited by Balor, lord of the Fomorians. Thought to be the original race to have inhabited Ireland, Fomorians were obscure creatures often pictured as deformed raiders, who plundered other groups from time to time. Forced to Thúr Rí by the mighty Tuatha De Danann, Fomorians held the same De Danann in their hands for a long period of time under the bloody reign of Balor, who had his stronghold at Dun Balor, or Balor’s Fort. Elements and locations of the Irish Mythological Cycle can be traced in this beautiful print, while evocative names bring back memories and legends. As that of the white Clach Cheann Fhaola, or 'the Stone of the Bloody Head' where, according to the legend, Cian, father of Lugh Lamfhada, was beheaded by Balor himself. On Tory Island can be found Port na Delig, where it is said that Balor tried to drown the tree sons of her captive daughter Ethniu, but eventually one of them, Lugh, managed to escape to be later fostered by Manannan mac Lyr, the god of the sea.

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🎉New Flavour Alert 🎉
This one is for all our friends in North Antrim & just in time for the Auld Lammas Fair.
Yellowman Gelato!

I Love It 😍😱💀💙#dalriada #hungary #folk #goodmusic #inlove

The strong, wild boar is one of the most important totem animals on both Celts and Picts' mythology and sybolism. Many bronze statues of boars have been discovered and there are numerous references to be found in the legends that bear witness to the importance of this fierce, untamed beast. The boar is also the totem animal of the kingdom of Dalriada. There is a carving of a boar on a rock at the fort of Dunadd, in Argyll, the ancient inauguration site of the High Kings of Dalriada.

Am gáeth i m-muir,
Am tond trethan,
Am fuaim mara,
Am dam secht ndírend,
Am séig i n-aill,
Am dér gréne,
Am cain lubai,
Am torc ar gail,
Am he i l-lind,
Am loch i m-maig,
Am brí a ndai,
Am brí dánae,
Am gae i fodb (feras feochtu),
Am dé delbas do chind codnu.

I am a wind on the sea, I am a wave of the ocean, I am the roar of the sea, I am a bull of seven battles, I am a hawk on the cliff, I am a teardrop of sunlight, I am a gentle herb, I am a boar enraged, I am a salmon in a pool, I am a lake in a plain, I am the vigour of man I am the meaning of poetry, I am a spear on the attack (pouring forth combat), I am the god who fires your mind. - Song of Amergin

Link in bio to purchase (available as patch, backpatch and t-shirt)

Artwork by our very talented friend Sean Fitzgerald

Dalriada. We were there in the first row.
#fezen #dalriada #székesfehérvár

Throw back to my last night out in Aberdeen #girlsnight #dalriada #Casinoisneveragoodidea

The Kingdom of Dalriada now has its own version of 'Christ the Redeemer!' I declare myself the first King of Dalriada for the modern-era!
#scotland #summer #adventure #argyll #dalriada #king #christtheredeemer #hills #view #sunny #blueskies #hiking #wilderness

Neil discovering Main Mast is a bit more somewhere he's not...it was chess with choss until he traversed right onto Main Mast. Once we were back on track it was three star climbing all the way. One of the most atmospheric and fun routes I've done, big fan of Sail Rock!
#donegal #sailrock #irishclimbing #climbingbythesea #seaadventures #beingalittlebitscared #dalriada #awesomewallsdublin

@daisiesclimbingandtea and @ericwalshe having some sea advenure at Sail Rock, leaping insects and blocks with a false sense of attachment...fun was had!
#donegal #sailrock #irishclimbing #climbingbythesea #seaadventures #beingalittlebitscared
#dalriada #awesomewallsdublin

Welcome to the official Instagram page for the Dalriada, Edinburgh's bar on the beach!

Finally i was able to add to my collection the last @dalriada_official studio albums! Imported from Hungary to Argentina. Great band, great discography. I want more!
Me siento hecho :) KÖSZÖNÖM!! #dalriadaband #dalriada #folk #folkmetal #folkmetalband #cdcollection #folkmetalhead #hungary #magyar #hungarianmusic @drummertad @szogbacsi_zrt @dalriada_official

Dalriada - "Áldás" álbum 2015
Song: Moldvageddon
Folk Metal from Hungary

#dalriada #folkmetal #folkmetalband #folkmetalhead #folkvikingmetal #cdcollection #hungary

Dalriada - "Napisten Hava" álbum 2012
Song: Borivók Éneke
Folk Metal from Hungary

#dalriada #folkmetal #folkmetalband #folkmetalhead #cdcollection #hungary

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