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I'm blooming in a field of forgotten flowers. 🥀 #forgetmenot -- #dallylondon

I maybe burn candle at both end,
but hey,
it's brighter in my world...

My veins play violin, when your symphony of love dances on my skin.

lets breath still amongst the chaos.
#dallylondon #ootd #littlebitselfie #wonthurt

¡| I feel the demons
Crawling up my spine
A prelude to the cloak
They've prepared,
To suffocate my mind |¡ #dallylondon

And ever. #forever #love

potpisujem.❤️ #dallylondon 🎉 #samoljubav #myuniverse #loveit



(Litrato) I’ll be there when you need me. I’m not like the rest, I’ll fight the rain in all your storms. You have my heart, my soul, my best.
#dallylondon .
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Simple math.


... some nights craved more than others—

This world is dying so fast. The words you read are already in the past :) #dallylondon #white #earcuff #throwback 😂



Dear father.


• "I don't want false promises, or false hope. I don't want you to whisper in my ear that everything is going to be okay. I don't want you to tell me that life isn't always about being sad. That I have to wait for the sun to rise, that tomorrow is a better day. Because it's a lie. You see, my sadness isn't just a moment of being sad. It's not peeking through the crack in the door and getting a glimpse of the shadows. It's a moment that stretches into minutes, which turns into hours and then days and suddenly I'm drowning in it. You can pull my head back and force me to open my mouth and you think you're pouring hope down my throat. You're not, you see that hope is concrete and it's setting in my veins as the foundation of my sadness. I'm not blaming you for my sadness, because my sadness was inevitable. And it always will be. You can't run from fate, and I believe that depression is my fate. One day, I'm just going to be another number, another statistic and that's my future. So, no I'm not blaming you for my sadness, I'm blaming you for making me think I can escape it when every time I try to get away from it, the claws sink deeper and the concrete builds another wall around my heart. But I ask you this, don't give me hope because hope is a lie, instead watch me drown and the next time I break for air, grab my hand and never let go." •
Photo credit: @dallylondon
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