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When I tell that my favourite artist is Salvador Dali, I'm always asked why i have never made anything after his paintings. It's pretty simple - he is so f**king genius and I love him so much that I'm afraid. Afraid of encroaching on the sacred😊 So I will make this small brooch "Meditative rose" and that's it. I promise
#behindthescenes #salvadordali #dali #dalithegenious #handmade #brooch

Dali is always perfect to see #dalithegenious


The clock is ticking , the time is melting #lovedali #dalithegenious #salvadordali #meltingclock

Dali is always perfect to see #dalithegenious

#dalithegenious#woman'shead 1926-27

#YogabyDali day 16. Fruedian portriat of a Bureaucrat. Meditation.
I see a man with blinders over his eyes... or a sega 3d doohicky (Dali was most definitely ahead of his timeπŸ˜‰). The name 'Freudian Portriat of a Bureaucrat' says to me that this person was fixated on one thing (paperwork, red tape..) unable to see the world around him. perhaps even becoming a societal robot.
This absolutely can be applied to current society, people are disconnected from the world around them and fixated on their devices (tv, phones, computers).. fitting because it seriously looks like a 3d game he's got on his head. I think Dali may have saw this coming long ago.

Today's pose selection of meditation is so so fitting. meditating leads to freedom in thought and can avoid those goggles/blinders that large society tries to impose on the individual's mind.. paperwork, Tv, phones etc. I used lotus mudra in sukasana (which today was firelog pose!! longside some of mine and Dali's FAVORITE animals.. the phenomenal anteater πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜) to symbolize provoke the mind up from the mud and muck, and allowing it to unfold with meditation. This work and posture have made me want to put my phone down for the evening. Lol. Happy friday to all! and to all a good night πŸ˜€πŸ˜„ Thank you to our hosts πŸ’•πŸ˜
@longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow

And sponsors πŸ’œ
@zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos
for putting this challenge together! It was so fun to learn more about art, Dali, and myself. πŸ™ ❀ πŸ’™ πŸ’š #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #dalisketch #freudianportiatofabureaucrat #meditation #sukhasana #firelogpose #agnistambhasana #lotusmudra #letthelotusunfold #freeyourmind #mentalslavery

#YogabyDali day 15. Architectural figures. Mountain.
Second to last day of this challenge. 😯. Sad to see it come to an end. . I've enjoyed researching Dali's pieces so much! That being said.. I really can't find much on this one πŸ˜…. but along with enjoying the research, I've loved interpreting them!! πŸ˜ƒ

This sketch is of ionic columns.. one blended with a woman form and the other a male... these columns aren't connected to anything, which columns typically are - perhaps an underlying meaning of humanity (both male and female) being the pillars of the architecture? both male and female being the components of a great society? Or maybe I'm reading further into it again. . could definitely be.
I took tadasana in the midst of my front porch architecture πŸ˜€. much like the figures in the sketch, I'm not literally supporting a structure (but it may look like it no? πŸ˜‰)... but I am a component of a greater society - my family and friends, my local yogi community, my lovely ig yogi community. . . together we are components of something wonderful. πŸ’š πŸ’› πŸ’•πŸ˜ much love and light to you all! thanks for raising the vibration we me!!! @longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow
@zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #architecturalfigures #dalisketch #mountainpose #tadasana #raisethevibration #heymalookatme

#YogabyDali day 13. Femme Cheval. Horse pose.. There's a few images that come up when searching for Dali's "Femme Cheval" .. in the one @annalisedream posted, I see a goddess and a horse together (interesting because goddess pose and horse stance are the same), it speaks love to me. Love of horses, animals; a kindness and softness towards a graceful animal.
I opted for horse face pose- mine isn't so graceful (kinda sketchy actually... kind of like the drawing πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜…) but the sketch draws out a feeling of loving kindness for it that i hope to apply to all my asanas going forward.πŸ™ @longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow
@zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #trysomethingnew #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #femmecheval # #horsefacepose #horsepose #vatayanasana #lovingkindess #changeyourperspective

#YogabyDali day 11. Elephants. Elephant pose or elephant trunk pose.
Another animal work! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€ and with elephants too!! πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ this is one of my favorites pieces of art.
Check out @dannelleballian for a great background on the painting πŸ™
This is one of my favorites because makes me feel happy (because of the elephants... I love elephants 😍) and intrigued. . It was one of the first Dali's i ever saw and it made me want to know more... more about the painting, more about the man... this work started my fascination with Dali. I love it so much!
I chose elephant pose today ... although I couldn't make myself look like Dali's elephants lol, I tried to channel my inner elephant self in this posture πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜ @longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow
@zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #selflove #trustinthejourney #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #daliselephants #elephantpose #ekahastabhujasana

#YogabyDali day 10. landscape with butterflies. Butterfly.
I've said it before, I'll say it again: I love Dali's animal pieces! Among the many favorite subjects of Dali's, were butterflies. This depection of butterflies is less surreal than most of his works and I find it simply stunning. πŸ’• 'psyche' in old Greek meant both soul and butterfly.. The butterflies appear large and static, almost dreamlike. I feel like this painting portrays the beautiful souls of himself and his beloved Gala resting in a dreamlike state.... but I most definitely could be reading way too into the painting - as one of the more 'mainstream' pieces in his portfolio- it doesn't need much interpretation to be a gorgeous piece of work.
Today I tried to make myself into one of the butterflies, handstand with some kind of baddha konasana variation. My handstand, unlike these butterflies, needs more metamorphosis but hey, I said "try" not "did" πŸ˜‚ and also i need an arty photo editor πŸ˜‚

@longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow
@zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #selflove #trustinthejourney #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #mybutterflypose #handstandvariation #handstand #handstandnewbie #adhomukhavrksasana #baddhakonasana πŸ’š

#YogabyDali day 9. Scissors. Star.
I didn't have a lot of time to research today - after I got stuck on one page... about Dali's dream sequence he wrote for Hitchcock's 'Spellbound'. WOAH! seriously, I need to watch the whole movie now. Dali was "hired to craft a dream sequence, the Spanish surrealist painter and filmmaker reportedly produced over twenty minutes of footage, four and a half minutes (were used) β€œI can’t make out just what sort of a place it was,” Gregory Peck mutters, reclined on the therapist’s couch, as the shot dissolves into his mind and into Dalí’s imagery. β€œIt seemed to be a gambling house, but there weren’t any walls, just a lot of curtains with eyes painted on them. A man was walking around with a large pair of scissors, cutting all the drapes in half. And then a girl came in with hardly anything on and started walking around the gambling room, kissing everybody.” Surely those days offered no more ideal candidate for the job of realizing such a vision than DalΓ­." ugh I left the page open on my laptop at home. will cite tomorrow when I get back. watching the dream sequence this morning left me in awe. It was totally Dali! the drapes had eyes!!!!! then he starts viewing a Dali painting where a man and a misshapen wheel falls. I'm not explaining very well; all I know is that i need to watch the movie now!
not an interpretation of the subject work but so interesting (to me anyways πŸ˜ƒ) and scissor related πŸ˜„. side plank variations can look like stars... and some times like scissors, depending on the day πŸ˜„ . here's my star / plank variation by way of Golden, CO!! @longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow
@zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #selflove #trustinthejourney #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #balancingstarpose #sideplankvariation #sideplank #vasisthasana #starpose #practicenotperfect #coloradoyogi #coloradolovesyoga

#YogabyDali day 8. Ange di Mesonic. Chaos!! Whatever you're currently working on... man there are so many poses I'm working through! . . . to pick just one 'issue', I'd say opening my shoulders has been a constant struggle.. I have limited shoulder rotation due to some seriously tight muscles, making flip grip and kapotasana nearly impossible. I've been working with a few poses (and a wheel) to try and slowly open them up. Apparently i'm a little preoccupied with cracking my flip grip issue .
I love this Dali work for 'whatever you're working on' because of the beautiful "chaotic forces interacting in perfect unison"... sums up most postures I'm working towards lol. While it may not be anywhere near a perfect expression- the forces of my body, mind and breath (sometimes chaotic πŸ˜‰) are working in perfect unison for my body as it is today. "The word meson alludes to a class of elementary subatomic particles that participate in strong interactions, which forms the basis of the painting. This work is vigorous, effectual, and full of energy. It is a depiction of nuclear chaotic forces interacting in perfect unison." http://bluedistortion.com/salvador-dali-ange-pi-mesonic/ the whole article is really great if you get a chance to read.
@longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow @zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #selflove #trustinthejourney #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #forearmwheelpose #urdhvadhanurasanavariation #kapotasana #practicenotperfect #slowandsteady #easydoesit #angedimesonic

#YogabyDali day 7. Lion. Lion pose. I told a dear friend last night that I love Dali's art, but that my favorite pieces include his depection and interpretation of animals. I see his love of animals shine through and it warms my heart as an animal lover. The surrealist approach to most animals he illustrates are always stunning and thought provoking . . but I love this lion because it isn't as surreal but still exudes a playful admiration of the lion. πŸ’™ "In 1956 Dali was commissioned to produce a namesake drawing for Stephan Lion, a private collector and design consultant. Lion represented the artist in New York in the 1940's and 50's and Dali's fondness for the consultant is apparent in this benign representation of the sometimes ferocious animal!" - thedali.org

Simhasana, lion's pose, is perfect for this Lion sketch because of the playful nature of both! I haven't played with simhasana before but am I roaring with laughter, literally πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. @longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow @zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #selflove #trustinthejourney #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #lionsketch #lionpose #simhasana
#lionsbreath #bhrumadhyadrishti

#YogabyDali day 6. Diner Dans le Desert Eclaire par les Girafes en Feu. Dinner in the Desert Lighted by the Flaming Giraffes. "Giraffe pose". I LOVE giraffes! One of my few spirit animals. beautiful, peaceful, elegant and plain ol odd (to some). This work was "From a previously unpublished film script by Salvador Dali, written in 1937 for the Marx Brothers. Dali, who was a fan of the comedians, had befriended Harpo Marx the year before. The film, entitled Giraffes on Horseback Salads, was never made, reportedly because MGM, which had an exclusive contract with the Marx Brothers, felt it was too surreal." http://moicani.over-blog.com/article-31888856.html I would have loved to read that screenplay! only Dali could make burning giraffes beautiful and thought provoking.
I'm not sure what "Giraffe pose" is.. but I opted for floor bow variation with some help from my Giraffe fwen, Nellie πŸ˜ƒπŸ™Œ looks kinda like a giraffe, no?πŸ˜„@longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow @zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos πŸ™ #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #selflove #trustinthejourney #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #burninggiraffes #giraffepose #urdhvadhanurasana #urdhvadhanurasanavariation #practicenotperfect #practiceandalliscoming

#YogabyDali day 5. Dance the Seven Arts. Dancer.
This piece is part of a collection of seven works illustrating: architecture, painting, sculpture, dance, drama, music, literature. Dali was commissioned to create pieces for each art form for a musical revue entitled "The Seven Lively Arts" . This piece from the collection represents the lively art of dance. I'm interpreting it as a "ballet for hire". As Dali was commissioned to create the work (even a second time, I believe, as some of the originals were destroyed in a fire), I feel there's a bit of anger (hand around throat).... another angle is that it could be a commentary not only on the 'work for hire' but also the ballet as a whole- stunningly beautiful, but can come at a large price. I feel dancers pose is a great posture for this piece as the subjects seem to be dancing together. Their dance of struggle sometimes epitomizes my relationship with the posture lol πŸ˜…

@longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow @zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #selflove #trustinthejourney #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #dancerspose #natarajasana #practicenotperfect

#YogabyDali day 4. Gradiva. Goddess.
Gradiva is a novel inspired by a Roman bas-relief named after Mars Gradivus, the Roman god of war walking into battle. Gradiva was the book's heroine and it was her who brought psychological healing to the main character (inspired by Freud - also one of the first literary analyses done by Freud). Gradiva became the muse of many surrealists- including Dali.
Dali even nicknamed his wife, Gala, Gradiva. "When the painter met Gala it was love at first sight. In his Secret Life, he wrote: "She was destined to be my Gradiva the one who moves forward, my victory, my wife". And Gala was indeed to remain forever at the painter's side.." www.salvador-dali.org/dali/en_bio-gala/
Goddess pose is a metaphorically perfect pose for this work, a portrayal of Dali's beloved Gala Gradiva; exuding strength, beauty, inspiration and feminine power.
my 'goddess' today is a bit weak due to a 2 hour Ashtanga practice yesterday, but the posture moved me forward and felt beautifully inspiring.
@longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow @zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #selflove #trustinthejourney #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #gradiva #goddesspose #utkatakonasana #practicenotperfect

#YogaByDali day 3. The Bather. Plank.
I think I'm using the right 'Bather' lol. In this 'Bather', you see what appears to be a mess of what could be a human form.. this piece is usually hung next to the 'girl with curls' piece- which is interesting. The "curls" piece is a beautiful scene of a woman's head from behind with thick, dark, perfect curls. This piece, Bather, isn't perfect or beautiful at first glance. It shows a time in Dali's life where he exhibited reverence and fear of women.."a distortion of the female figure that resembles a big toe and genitalia. The first is an erotic fantasy; the second, an erotic nightmare. It ushers in Dali's full flight into surrealist symbolism and his "paranoiac-critical method" of dredging "irrational" images up from his subconscious and finding rational links to them through art. (That's a huge oversimplification that will make scholars cringe, but it's the nutshell.)" http://www.tampabay.com/features/visualarts/dalis-journey-from-fear-to-affection-in-his-focus-on-women/

Plank is a great pose for this, plank used to be a scary - nightmarish posture for me. Holding the pose alone was often tough but needed to strengthen my chaturanga. A deeper understanding of the posture and working through it has lead me, not to master but, to cope with and improve upon. As bad as plank was, side plank was even more nightmarish. I used to fall out of it all of the time- I wasn't strong enough and frightened. Over time, side plank became less and less scary. My side plank today is the old me's nightmare. The new me now views it as a beautiful reminder that most of what we fear is in our heads- imagined.
@longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow @zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #selflove #trustinthejourney #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #sideplank #sideplankvariation #vashistasana #practicenotperfect #practiceandalliscoming #thebather

#YogaByDali day 2. Kneeling figure in Decomposition (microphysical phosphenes). Lunge. . .
I love the use of 'decomposing' ... de-structuring of the individual self.

Dali was fascinated with nuclear physics and the idea of material being torn apart atom by atom. This work illustrates material disintegration, much like a nuclear reaction, into completely different materials (in his view, not gore or garbage- but different). I feel lunge is a great posture for this idea. In Dali's view, a nuclear reaction or decomposition, into new forms. In my interpretation- being aware of the transformation available in the posture . Our hips store many unprocessed emotions and, if not worked through, can lead to a burying down of emotions and inevitably self. For me, hip openers are a great way deal with such issues of repressed emotions so that we may continue to transform, atom by atom. πŸ’™πŸ’š @longhair_yoga @dannelleballian @annalisedream @caludlow @zymbol_symbol @mums_orchard_house @newvintageembroidery @siidewaystattoos #instayogis #igyogis #yogachallenge #yogalove #selflove #trustinthejourney #yogaandart #yogaeverydamnday #dali #irrationalknowledge #dalithegenious #kneelingfigureindecomposition #lowlunge

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