Made the daily Instagram post... I'm ready to go back! 😄🌊☀️#researchandreference #vacation #recharge #nica #nicaragua #nofilter #daledaggersurftours

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Yachts and barrels go hand in hand I gotta say

This is a pic from one of the bigger swells we got last year. It was firing!

Here's a cool shot from this morning!

So green so hollow!

Come stay with us and enjoy a week full of moments like these. all transport is by boat every session!

The best shade available in Nicaragua is found under a heaving section

We are the only surf camp in Nicaragua that offers unlimited boat trips to the surf during your stay!

Here's Nicaragua doing its Padang impression

Here's mike doing a little research and development for the lodge and loving every second of it it. Nice one Mike!

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This is definitely one the most scenic places I've ever surfed and its just around the corner from the lodge!

Here's your taxi to the surf during your stay with us at the lodge

Nicaraguan perfection

Sunny barrels at manzanillo, doesn't get better than that.

Nica green room

Jackson Obando laying it down!

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