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YOU GUYS. ❤️ This is seriously one of the happiest days of my life!! Do you see that gorgeous brand new little calf?! She is MINE! I'm getting my very own miniature jersey heifer from @upperdiamondminis!! I have literally never been this excited about receiving an animal. What an enormous blessing! She and her dam, Eleanore, will be coming here to stay for a season as my baby girl grows! I literally can't stop glowing!! Thank you so, so much Kade! You literally have made one of my dreams come true! I'm so elated!! 💕🎀

I was tagged to share 20 facts about myself...I'll try to make them good😉
1~ I was born in NY, but moved away 2 weeks after I got married at 19, and I've only been back once😕
2~ I've lived in 4 states in the last 15 years and moved 3 times in the last 3 years (don't ask)
3~ I love moving-big surprise I know! And I love getting rid of stuff. It gives me amazing clarity.
4~ I usually go all in with stuff way too fast and then have regret.
5~ I had a tiny 4 lb Yorkie when I was in 5th grade. A tricycle could've killed it and he was hit by a bus. I was devastated.
6~ I love to cook, but I don't have patience for precise measuring, so things always taste a little different each time🤔
7~ I LOVE thrift stores and the best things in my house were purchased from one.
8~ I only made it thru one course of college before the surprise of my first pregnancy. I always feel dumb around people with college degrees ever since.
9~ I have a pretty short attention span and get bored with things really quickly.
10~ I HATE being cold❄❄❄
11~ I get asked by strangers weekly if I'm related to... or have a sister at....I just have one of those faces I guess.
12~ I can bend the tips of my fingers- don't act like you're not impressed.
13~ I make way too much milk when I'm nursing and I actually donated over 200 ounces with my third baby. #dairycow
14~ I prefer to drive a stick. My first car was and my current is also. My cousin taught me how to drive one when I was 16 in 30 minutes, before he sold me the car😞
15~ I have passed out a lot of times. Seriously a lot. For random things like giving blood, getting my eyes examined, cutting my finger... did I mention it happens a lot?
16~ I am a fabulous multi-tasker, but can have trouble relaxing.
17~ I am fascinated with tiny houses and would love the challenge of making functional space in one with our family of 6!
18~ I sew, but can't follow a pattern.
19~ I don't like feeling locked into anything - its suffocating.
20~ Being a mama is the only thing I've ever felt truly natural and good at- not that I have it all figured out all at! And I'm so thankful for the endless supply of grace that Jesus gives me each day of this journey🕇

Slowly got the girls back out on pasture over this past week, and they've been happily stuffing their faces since! #oreocows #winterisgone

Filha do touro HPB alemão, ELEVE (Emerson X Storm), de 4 partos, na propriedade de Zeozir e Neusa Zucchi, em Iporã do Oeste-SC. #zoogen #ggi #geneticaalema #germanbull #holstein #raçaholandesa #schwarzbunt #inseminacaoartificial #dairycattle #pecuarialeiteira #vacaleiteira #vacaholandesa #dairycow


"Oh death! Where is your sting?
Oh hell! Where is your victory?
Oh Church! Come stand in the light! The glory of God has defeated the night!" -Matt Maher
Though it has been a few years since we have celebrated your birthday in person- no Earthly birthday compares to Heaven. .
#Heaven #JesusPaidItAll #MattMaher #MissYou #Dad #Father #Gospel #Birthday #DeathWhereIsYourSting

My favorite ladies ♡ #dairycow #mustang

Got to hang out with this adorable (not so) little lady today. I love my job.

I have tons of 3" designs ready to ship! Offering free shipping on orders over $5 through the end of April with code SPRINGFEVER at etsy.com/shop/carouseldesign. #etsy #vinyl #livestock #stockshowlife #carouseldesign #showpig #showlamb #showcattle #horse #dairycow #lovewhatyoudo

My new favourite cow down at the farm 😍love giving her cuddles and scratches ☺️ #dairycow#cutecow #friendlycow#quitecow#lovethecow #favoritecow#whitewithblackspots 🌸🐄

As some of you may know.. I love cows! I wanted to take this one home with me! 🐮Note to self, bring a trailer when you're going to visit a dairy. 💕 #cows #love #dairycow #gothfarmersofinstagram @punkrockhomesteading #punkrockhomesteading #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #altmodel #animal #cutecow

Slowly got the girls back out on pasture over this past week, and they've been happily stuffing their faces since! #oreocows #winterisgone

Ex-mooo-se me please 😂 sorry, bad farming pun 😁🐮 She is so nosy!! #farm #farmer #dairycow #dairyfarm #dairy_milk #dairyfarmer #farmlife #dairyfarming #ukfarmer #dairyisntscary #cowsofinstagram

Driving up our lane, you have to stop to look at these beauties who then stampede towards you to say hi close up 🐄
Gotta love a cow!
#dairycow #farmlife #cows

These days are limited :-( never ever ever had i planned on getting to 6 months #breastfeeding this babe.
#normalizebreastfeeding #boobs #mummasmilkmachine #dairycow #preciousbond #love #6months

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