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In the bag

@pizzaexpress Ocean Village, Gibraltar 🍕🍻

Get ready for the BronzeRock - INPAVID - Collection.
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“She said where we going??! I said the moon....We ain’t even make it to the room. She thought it was the ocean, it’s just the pool...”

You were never meant to carry the weight alone. Walk by Faith. Connect in Community. Find your Grit. (BronzeRock.com) - (Link in Bio)

BronzeRock. A athleisure fashion brand committed to equipping customers to live beyond the cultural status quo. #FearlessFashion -Coming Soon- Learn more at (BronzeRock.com) (Link in Bio).

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On this week's episode of Chopped...
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Every time I come around you see that
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(BronzeRock.com) - (Link in Bio)

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