Daily routines are especially important for growing toddlers—start + end each day the same to build positive habits.

Tara loves to help me with the oils 🌿 whether unpacking an order, organizing the ones I have, helping put oils in the diffuser, putting a drop on her little diffuser bracelet and smelling all the oils 😊

You all need these oils and Young Living generously agrees by offering you a ✨ SALE ✨ until the end of the week! 10% off of the premium starter kit! Plus free shipping this week only. What a crazy good deal 😮

Join our community! Grab your kit while it’s on sale. 11 oils and a gorgeous diffuser!
Click the link in my profile to get your kit on sale :
🌿 select wholesale member, not retail. .
🌿 Choose your starter kit and diffuser. We love the desert mist diffuser (it runs up to 10 hours & I love the candle flicker setting!) .

You will be SO glad you have these tools as we head into fall/winter 👊🏼 .
I am here to help every step of your oily journey. ❤️ (message me with any questions! xo)

If you’re on edge because you think you have to work the business side of this, have to sell stuff, or have to make monthly orders, you DON’T. None of that is required. .
What you do get is: .
• 24% discount for life on all the products .
• an amazing oily family that can and will answer any questions you have and can give healthy lifestyle advice! .
• the option to work the business side of it, and make some extra 💰 (without leaving your couch)
• the chance to have a healthier life with oils .

Let's do this for you! 🌿

Learn how to make solid clay shampoos, hair conditioners and serums with our Organic Haircare Essentials workshop!
Developed exclusively for our workshop students, the "Joie de Vivre" collection is all about making you feel good about choosing to pamper your hair without harsh chemicals and plastic packaging.
With vitamins, botanical oils and plenty of green goodness, bring happiness and serenity to your hair care routine!
Close your eyes, enjoy the beautiful fragrances of organic essential oils as you gently wash and nourish your hair, leaving it shiny and light….
Welcome to a truly unique and happy experience…. handmade with love.
Vegan and Organic. Naturally Good for Your Hair.
Book today (link in bio or https://mademoiselleorganic.com/shop/workshops/organic-haircare-essentials-diy-beauty-workshop/)! Only a few spots left for our next class!
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These last two+ months have been difficult and yet a blessing with Cody being in paramedic school.
I keep hitting points throughout each week where I feel overwhelmed & very discouraged. I’m tired of feeling like Cody and I rarely communicate & argue often over nothing, I’m tired of feeling alone in raising Brielle each day, I’m tired of not having my best friend around, I’m tired of being tired and not my energetic self by the time Cody comes home.... and then I vent to Jesus and realize..... “me me me me”.
Then comes the blessing part.... Jesus is after my heart in all of this. He’s saying to me “Surrender” and “Thankfulness”.
Surrender my expectations of my marriage, surrender my expectations of motherhood, surrender my demands on myself and Cody, surrender my weakness....
Choose a thankful heart.
But it doesn’t end there.
I don’t just sit in despair and loneliness. He now fills my emptiness with His strength, His hope, His encouragement, His love, His provision, His goodness, His approval. I become ok with the messiness. I become ok with the holes that happen. Because they become opportunities for forgiveness, growth, and deeper love; with both - my relationship with God and Cody.
I realize, as well, the days I don’t pursue the Lord; those days are quite terrible. Empty, short fused, and typically end in fighting with Cody & angry with this season we are in.
The days I pursue the Lord and press into Him each moment; I’m thankful, peaceful, calm, and joy comes in.
I have a choice each day, each moment. So I’m slowly learning.
In fact, I think I’ll do one of my phone devotionals right now.

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Taking care of oneself if essential and nothing to ever feel bad or embarrassed about.
#loveyourself #selfcare #skincare #dailyroutine

keeping your skin clean and moisturized is key for a soft & glowing complexion. these are some everyday products i like to use. what products do you guys like to use?? 😋
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it takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself..

Hari yg baik diawali dengan pagi yg baik 😉
Gentle Wash >> Toner >> Serum >> Day Cream with spf 30 PA+++
Info & order:
Klik link di bio
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Got sinus issues? Mucous? Congestion? A head cold? Well, then I’d like to introduce you to your new best friend: The #NetiPot, as a continuation of our #DINACHARYASERIES.
Swami Satyananda sums it up quite succinctly, “Neti is the best method of preventing and eliminating colds…Regular practice of neti when you don’t have a cold keeps the nasal passages working at optimum efficiency and thereby helps to maintain a healthy body. Remember, breathing through the mouth or insufficient treatment of the inhaled air prior to entry into the lungs, due to nasal blockage and congestion, can encourage the onset of disease, by allowing germs to infect the lungs, or by generally weakening the state of health of the body.”
✹Prevents & eliminates colds
✹Helps cure allergies and hay fever
✹Helps cure sinusitis (practice daily for at least 6 months)
✹Eases headaches and tiredness
✹Helps heal inflammation in the mucous membrane
✹Soothes the brain and can relieve migraines, insomnia and depression
✹Improves memory by stimulating the frontal lobes of the brain
And if that list wasn’t enough to convince you, using a Neti Pot daily keeps the nose–the gateway to higher consciousness–clear, allowing the #ThirdEye Chakra (#Ajna) to be accessed, meaning you can expect more clarity of mind, connection to your innate intuition and an increased capacity for concentration.
AND the nose is the sense organ (#Jnanendriya) of the #RootChakra, #Muladhara, the seat of our connection to the physical world. By practicing Neti regularly, amongst other practices that re-affirm our roots, you can expect issues with stability, social belonging and vitality to gradually clear and return to their equilibrium.
➳Grab your @rasa_ayurveda copper or clay Neti Pot
➳Fill with warm, filtered H20
➳Dissolve 1/4-1/2 tsp of Himalayan or Sea Salt into H20
➳Tilt Head over sink and insert the nozzle into the left nostril
➳A stream of water will flow out the right nostril. Allow to flow for 5-7 seconds.
➳Repeat on the other side
➳Breathe through your mouth!
➳Blow your nose GENTLY into a tissue
➳Repeat entire procedure 2-3x per nostril ➳Practice 1x DAILY (3-4x/day if you have a cold)

Weekday blues- My eyes are open but not quite... When you would rather laze around in bed for a few minutes more... #justletmesleep #ilovemybed #dailyroutine

꽃처럼 예쁘게 나왔네요💕 #드로잉마블

보습만점🎶 영양만점🎶 환절기 피부관리 짱👍

✔원데이클래스 수강생모집
✔취미반수 강생모집
✔심화반수 강생모집
✔수료증반 수강생모집


FINALLY getting back into my daily routine of working out after school. .
The consistency has begun! .
My goal for next summer is to continue my “at school workouts” at home. .
For some reason I prefer to work out at school and make up excuses as to why I can’t workout at home. .
Where do you prefer to workout? At home? At the gym? At work? .
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Pagiii Shoppers!!! Baru bangun tidur tapi suka mengantuk lagi? Yuk, simak beberapa tips dari Shoptv agar tidak mengantuk lagi di pagi hari:

1. Mencuci wajah setelah bangun tidur sangat ampuh untuk mengusir kantuk yang datang lagi setelah bangun tidur, lho.

2. Olahraga! Setelah cuci muka, lakukan sedikit peregangan tubuh beberapa menit agar memperlancar aliran darah.

3. Hirup udara segar saat lakukan peregangan tubuh, menghirup udara segar dapat menjernihkan otak dan menghilangkan kantuk.

Kalo Shoppers biasanya ngapain untuk menghilangkan kantuk di pagi hari? Yuk, share di kolom komentar... .
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