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So this meme was me today.
I decided this morning it would be a day of thanking those in my life who are extraordinary in the service field but usually don't often get acknowledged. So I drove to my tailor and walked in, he said, "I don't think I have anything for you," and I said I'm just here to thank you for the magnificent job you do for me every time. Another customer there said, "Whoa you just raised the bar for all of us."
With a few more stops in between I ended the afternoon at my all time favorite Starbuck's (everyone is amazing and the quality of my flat white is always superb).
But usually I'm on the run, fly in the door, say hi, get my drink and leave.
Today I actually sat down in one of the comfy chairs and leisurely drank my coffee while watching all the people coming in and out. We are beautiful beings my loves.
Call me a peaceful psychopath. I loved this day. ✌️ .
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One of the most influential and talented people we know had his beautiful mural defaced, and without a second thought we offered our hands to help repair it. He's done a vast amount of incredible work for the art community & culture in Denver, but most importantly he's the best example and role model for us. We are incredibly grateful to have helped restore this masterpiece, and we can't wait to explore his new gallery tonight from 7-9pm in Downtown Denver @ 2400 curtis street at The Temple.

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Take a look at this photo and tell me what you see….
You may at first see just a girl, soaking up the sun, laughing, having the time of her life.☀️
That could be true. But take a closer look....What you may have missed is the stormy weather in the background.
As I woke up this morning, this photo spoke a thousand words to me….
It reminded me of my strength. It reminded me to be thankful for all the storms I’ve walked through. For the lessons they’ve taught me and their pain that’s softened me.
It reminded me to always be kind and gentle to those around me as I can never be sure what someone’s battling behind their bright smiles and laughter.
And mostly importantly, it reminded me that I always have the power to choose. The power to choose how I interpret any situation in my life. Those interpretations, which lead to emotions, and then to reactions are what truly shape our entire lives.
I am no stranger to darkness. To stormy weather. So how do I continually make it through? Knowing that no matter how many moments of darkness I face…. That I ALWAYS have the CHOICE to see the light. ⛈☀️🙏🏻
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Always nice to see
@cosmopolitan EIC @michprom taking such great care of herself! 👌🏽
You are such a pleasant soul and thanks for making the staff crack up!


Mistakes are a part of the process. Don't judge 💡

Energy is powerful 💡

grateful for the 7 stocks of sugarcane... im about 44 minutes into something sweet 👅 🎋 ; blessings to you all 📿 #dailyreminder #frommetoyou #positivevibes #sugar #healthwealthandhappiness #indigochild

My new wallpaper..... Yaaassss 💁🏽😁✨🙌🏽 {28•07•2017}
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