Happy Wedneday🙏
Impact and Enhance Lives!
God doesn’t love you because you’re "religious" or "good enough" or come from a certain family. He loves you because you are His child. He breathed His life into you.
Being kind to someone is one of the simplest things you can do. The smallest act of kindness can make someones day. Have you every thought about how powerful that is?
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It’s been said many times that desire is the root cause of all suffering.
When we want something that we don’t have we end up suffering until we get it.
Then when we get it the desire goes away for a little while until hedonic adaptation kicks in and we get used to it so we begin to have desire for something else and the cycle continues. New iPhone anyone?
It can really be a tarp. So what’s the solution?
I wish I knew more because I’m guilty of this. If you’re like me there are things that you want to do, have, and get in your life and you don’t plan to become a monk anytime soon. So what do you do?
Well, one thing that helps meanwhile is gratitude. So you can change the direction of your attention from being on what you don’t have on what you already have.
Do you know how to better balance desire with gratitude? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.
Much love.

Focus on the future and let go of the past....

Good morning and let it become a beautiful day! #dailyquotes #wednesdaywisdom #astrology #aquarius #globalspiritguide @dsampatakou

Good Morning!!! Happy Wednesday!!! I hope everyone has a great day!!! Remember your thoughts become things, actions, and reality, so choose good ones 💜🌟

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