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After yesterday's handstand post, many people said they didn't know how to start their inversion practice. Well forearm balance is a great way to build strength in the shoulders and upper body if your wrists are bothering you OR you already have a high proficiency with downward facing dog or dolphin. Thanks for sharing @roxanne_yoga #inflexibleyogis ・・・
Here are a few tips for those who are learning to get into Pinchamayurasana Forearmbalance against the wall- starting closer to the wall just makes everything a lot easier. Just keep thinking of reaching the tailbone to the sky, and keep pushing the forearms (shoulder-width apart) into the ground to lift.

Привет моим классным
👨🏻 @igormogeiko и👨🏼@stolbyshkin, эти парни- просто гуру того, что вы видите на этом фото😎😤😱 всем заценять!ом пис шанти!✌🏻✨💕🙏🏻 #жизньвкибитке
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Novos horários comigo no @ashtangayogapoa : terças e quintas das 9h às 11:30h
A partir do dia 1 de agosto 💗🍃
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t h a w
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"Only an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart"
~ Olaf
= = = = = = = = = = .
Soooo...not sure if I can help with that but come to @humming_puppy this week and thaw out your frozen body 😎 (and maybe your ❤😜)
6:30-8:30pm Immersive Hum
2:00pm Unified Hum
6:00am Dynamic Hum
9:30am Mellow Hum
2:30pm Mellow Hum
4:00pm Advanced Dynamic Hum
6:00pm Mellow Hum

One of those days where I didn't really have any practice goals to work on or maybe I just wasn't very motivated, so I just played on my mat. Here is a bit of core work!
🎶 Alter Bridge "Watch Over You"

"You must realize that when you defend yourself, you are really defending your walls. There is nothing else to defend in there." - Michael A. Singer / The Untethered Soul
meddy 🐻 wanted in on some naked yoga 😂🙈 so proud of him! keeping me company while i even out my tan 😂
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If you are always trying to be normal, you won't know how amazing you can be.

Maya Angelou

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Chasing the rising sun...found a waterfall #Life #StillSomewhereInGeorgia #DailyPractice #Yoga

La primera batallas se gana con la mente, que tus ojos no te engañen. 🎶🎼🎹🎹🎹 #piano #pianista #pianist #music #book #musicstudent #wednesday #hanon #dailypractice #instagood

Eliminate Anxiety NOW! Click the link in my bio for your free 8 minute guided qigong video and instantly reap the benefits of this ancient Taoist practice. This practice is SO simple and easy. A anybody can do it

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15 minute head study in class yesterday. My brain is fried from all this learning 😂#workworkwork #portrait #figuredrawing #anatomy #dailypractice #headdrawing #face #class #learning #artistsoninstagram #miaaraujo

Join us this September for our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. This program will elevate you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Enhance your knowledge of the yoga tradition and be prepared to teach the Asana, meditation and the breath. Our early bird pricing is available until August 1st. Contact helena@infinefeatheryoga.com for registration details or inquires. We are so excited to share this program with each of you.

Truth. ❤️

The #1 question I get asked all the time by people when they find out I'm a life coach is what do you do when you are totally and completely tired and drained all the time?
I get it. When we are tired and wiped out, we have zero energy left for ourselves to do any of the things we would love to be doing.
Many women I work with are ambitious, creative women, mamas, small business owners, etc. the list goes on. They do so much for others that a lot of the time I tend to be the first person to really mirror back to them that it's a must to slow down, pause and think about what they are wanting.. and almost always, what they are wanting is TIME. Time for themselves to do the things they are wanting to do.

Because this is the top question I am asked all the time, I created a fun and FREE guide just for you guys that is all about creating a powerful daily routine (because it's not just about managing our time, but also our energy!) You might be sitting back thinking your routine is already decided for you, or that you have zero time to do what you want...But that is just not true my friend. You can create time just for you where you have a daily flow and rhythm that vibes with what you really want. Check it out and see for yourself. You can grab your FREE Daily Routine Workbook in the link in my profile. 😘

I wanna know, what do you wish you had more time to do in your day? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

Learning the ways of #mindfulness from an expert #kitty.

This is a great @time #specialedition that my girl @srazeng bought me a few weeks ago. It's a staple in my #dailyreading. Great article and insights, bite-size so it's perfect to read while waiting, resting, or refocusing.

#dailypractice #balance #mindfulpractices

Throw back to that time when we were enjoying a summer😂 and I was practicing my sunset Ibiza-inspired flow and it was hot. So hot in fact that Hanumanasana for me that day was a little more accessible. No blocks or grimaces as I held it here. Ah yes, it felt gooood. And now we're in the school holidays and it's raining and I'm freezing and my body's all tight again. Luckily, I can go and practice at Twisted Yoga and get a bit of that lovely heat into my bones...you can too...the studio's open all the way through the summer and if you like your classes a little quieter, it's the perfect time for you, with a few peeps away on their holidays!
But just in case that's not enough or you're not going away this summer, why not come and join me for my monthly Vintage Ibiza Sunset Sessions...Friday August 4th 7.15-8.30pm...classic Ibiza playlist with a dreamy chilled flow...can't wait!💖😊🙏
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