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Loving this full head of gorgeous hair ~

~ Friday Feature ~. 🌟

Loving both of these images but I can’t decide.. colour or bw?

~ Willow l 4 weeks ~

Tiny features that don’t stay tiny for long ~

Моя сладенькая бусинка просто чудо-малыш 😍 Четыре часа в солевой шахте без коляски и в постоянном движении 🙈🙈 Я почти на ходу кормила её грудью, чтобы от гида не отстать 🙊 350 ступенек вниз, но наверх слава богу у них был лифт 👏
Удивительное место. Столько интересных историй накопилось в этой шахте от начала её существования, а точнее с 11го века. Даже церкви были построены в этой шахте, целых четыре. Одна из них на фото, часовня святой Кинги. .
My little girl managed 4 hours of guide tour in this salt mine very well 😍 I guess she enjoyed it as we did too. Had a few stops for 5 minutes during the whole walk. I was breastfeeding her almost on the go 🙈🙈🙈
Amazingly beautiful place, touching stories. Everything was made from salt, walls, ceiling, floor, even the sculptures 💎💎💎 True! We have tried some walls 😂😂😂
Chapel of st Kinga was #gorgeous 😍 Thanks, @kingaputko for recommending it 😘😘😘
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Drinking tea and eating giant buttons #saturdaynight #mylife #irelandsgottalent ... repost pic from @hipbabyireland

WAHM real life .... Instagram picture with sound on ... play date ... fighting siblings .. #reallife ... live video is coming ... when it’s quiet lol 😝🙉

Nollaig Na mBan .... women’s Christmas in Ireland ... anyone get to put their feet up #irishmammy #littlechristmas #womenschristmas #nollaignamban

New Year! New Goals!! @createplannernl has the right idea, keeping track of your progress is the best way of keeping motivated and achieving your goals ... we’ve a couple of option the full fitness insert pack or just the fitness inserts, great addition to your a5 planner, where u can track food, exercise and water intake every day #newyear #newyou #fitnessgoals #weightloss #weightlossgoals

Are you ready for the 2018? Have you plans in place? Do you have a system? Would you be interested in hearing how I’ve my planner set up for 2018? Love a bit of feedback this quiet Wednesday evening ... #newyear #newyearplan #2018

Nog één nacht slapen (als je geluk hebt 😜) en dan is het kerst. Heb jij briljante tips voor kerst met kinderen? Is er een aparte kindertafel? Wat staat er op het menu? Hoe ga je om met een ziek kind tijdens de feestdagen? We all wanna know! 🎄 ph: @mamadrey88 PS: hier twee zieke kinderen en er is maar één woord: overgave 😂 heb jij je al ingeschreven voor onze nieuwsbrief? We sturen je een mooie kerstboodschap 🙏🏻

Of course my little lady has been looking at my planner and asking if she could get one .. so a little present from me this year I’m going to give her one of the personal sized blushed planners and start a gratitude diary with her, I’ll get her to write one thing she was happy about every night before bed ... might even get her an instapix camera in the new year so she can add little photos .. looking forward to starting it in January #gratitude #gratitudejournal #makingmemories #mylittlegirl

7 Christmas’s ... getting busier each year .. amazing how things change #family #familychristmasphoto

This boy had me feeling all the feels...basically he had me turning on the waterworks. I swear he takes pride in seeing how sentimental he can be every day to hit me right in the heart strings!
I opened my makeup drawer and there was a teeny note with baby name suggestions for the brother or sister he wasn't able to meet and his sweet sentiments. .
Sometimes I know I forget or am a little oblivious to how the trials of our family affect our littles. They are so resilient and I'm so grateful for that because I make ALOT of mistakes.
But while I always feel like I need to get over myself and so much time has passed, my #1 swept right in and reminded me I'm never alone in what I'm going through and I need to also be conscious of how I cope with trials with them watching and learning.
I felt his sweet heart and love and I'm so thankful God trusted me with being his mom and knew how much I would need his special spirit.

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