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I've been contemplating on making this post for a while, and with everything going and what's happened with @lilpeep , I feel maybe it's important to shed a light on mental health instead of shaming individuals for taking drugs.
This is my perspective and my reality, based on what I've experienced. Mental health issues such as as depression, anxiety, etc are real and affect individuals regardless of gender, race, age and social-economic background.
The picture above depicts the state of my mental health at that moment in time. I'm not here to make this a sob story, I'm here to make the bold statement that you can overcome whatever your negative situations are.
Having been through suicidal tendencies, taking pills, self-harming, because of personal issues I have faced, I can say that these situations don't define a person and there is an underlying beauty in the pain felt making me the person I am today.
I'm not going to lie, some days I wake up feeling like complete shit; but you, me, and others out there aren't alone. If you have issues and problems in your life, never feel like you have to bottle up your issues. The world is not against you and believe it or not there are genuine people who are out there to listen to you and guide you through your darkness.
I guess the whole premise of this post is to show that everyone is human, regardless of how they dress, the car they drive, how much money they have, and all that shit.
Once you embrace your flaws or the negative situations you have been put in, only then can you heal and overcome them. Don't let any of that define you, don't wish to be another person. There's only one of you.
I'd rather be my somewhat "dysfunctional" self than to spend a lifetime trying to emulate someone else's story.

Two videos in a row, I know.. lol
Just too excited about this one! Filmed in the metro here in L.A. with @jonastogo & @modone_cph 🎬
It's more artsy than the others we've produced so let me know your thoooouuughts ✌🏽
By the way my YouTube is back up if you didn't notice! Link in bio!

⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ 너무 웃어서 배아팠던 어제 😂
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Fall breeze & Sun in my hair ☁️

Ich bin heute bei Shopping Queen einfach mal eingeschlafen und erst um 16:30 Uhr wieder wach geworden. Den ganzen Nachmittag verpennt 😬🙈. So und jetzt hab ich natürlich wieder Kopfschmerzen - was sonst! Wenn das jetzt nicht bald besser wird, muss ich wohl doch zum Arzt. Wer von euch hat den eigentlich schon für Weihnachten 🎄 dekoriert? Also ich noch nicht. Morgen versuche ich mal meine neue Frisur für euch zu fotografieren. Muss mich allerdings erst selber dran gewöhnen 😁 wer kennts? .
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Safe to say I'm a whole storm now

Dropped Paranoia and started having the fear of god

Thank you for the music-
the songs I’m singing
Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing.

You never know what’s in my coffee cup😎


my ride or die

At least this one has my head in it 🤷🏽‍♂️

Fall breeze & Sun in my hair ☁️

Chief Bussy ✨

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