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11/24 Today’s Guidance Fairy is with 🧚‍♀️ Fairygodmother . It means Divine Feminine energy is getting stronger. Sparkle of magic will be spreading all over you, what you wished for, is dreaming come true at last! Endless chances are coming to you, congratulations! Have a great day! Angel blessings! Yuka #dailyguidance #fairy #divinefeminine #energy #November

Card of the day for Thursday the 23rd or November:
Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving in the US and this is a time when family gatherings can be and feel a little overwhelming for many people. Not so surprisingly we are being reminded of the gifts of Archangel Uriel, The Angel of Peace. He can bring you and your household the sense of calm you need. All you need to do is to ask. He can also infuse your solar-plexus with his energy, empowering you and dissolving the fear-based energies that keep you from moving forward with you plans. Why not also light a candle and ask Archangel Uriel to bless it with peace so it may radiate the energy of peace to your minds, hearts and home. I often light one everyday with the same intention. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!🤗 Today’s Deck: Angels of Light Cards by @dianacooperangels

Good Morning Beautiful Souls. As always, thank you to everyone who takes the time to like, comment and share my posts. I appreciate it very much; thank you. I have asked that the angels send me a message for those that see this on social media. If this message resonates with you then it is meant for you. The cards for today – Thursday, November 23 – is from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck.
“Alchemy ~ You have the Midas touch right now, and every project you begin turns to gold.”
You’re on a roll at this time, with the energy of heightened success surrounding you and your endeavors. You instantly manifest your thoughts and ideas now, so choose them carefully! Just as you’re capable of manifesting masterpieces right now, you’re also able to manifest problems. But the good news is that you can also undo any manifestation that you’re unhappy about.
An alchemist is someone who turns base metal into precious gold or silver. You have the ability to take ordinary projects and make them come alive with meaning, blessings, and abundance for everyone involved.
Your gratitude for your God-given manifestation power, and also the joy you feel in response to the beautiful creations that stem from it, are keys to amplifying your alchemy abilities. Affirm frequently: “Thank you for helping me focus my thoughts completely on joy and the desire to be connected to Divine love. I am so grateful that all of my needs are so carefully addressed – instantly.’
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Good morning,

If you have strong vivid dreams, the Angels ask that you take note of them as there are most likely messages in there for you. You may have been looking for an answer to something so maybe your answer came to you in a dream?

Also, there is no harm in a little bit of healthy day dreaming. So dream big! Day dreamimg of your desired outcome is another way of telling the universe and your Angels what you want. You deserve the best in life so dont be afraid to dream about your goals and desires.

Have a great day ✌
Today's card comes from the #indigoangeloraclecards .
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The card that I drew for you today was, Source Dragon, from the oracle card deck Dragon Oracle Cards, by Diana Cooper. Sending you love and light💜💟💜 A Source dragon has come to you now because it is time for you to enjoy a period of stillness with awareness. Breathe deeply and listen to the silence. Something very sacred is coming into your life. This could be anything from the fruition of a long-held dream to becoming a true master. It is being presented to you now. Be diligent, calm and focused and remember to breathe deeply. Breath is the key to being in the moment and this is where the greatest magic happens.

Ask the Source dragon to accompany you on every step of your exciting new journey and always remember that the present moment creates your future.
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Tune into your inner high priestess....for she has lots of things to say 💁🏼‍♀️
Your intuition is strong at the moment...it’s up to you to take time to get quiet and listen. Don’t just react to something...carefully consider what you truly want before moving in a certain direction. Be patient, for everything is unfolding absolutely perfectly. ✨✨

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Positive growth and expansion is on the cards! This opportunity may bring with it inspiration and insight, or it could be the chance you've been waiting for to take action on ideas you already have. Whatever your desires, the Angels are about to open a door of possibility for you! ❤

A message from my Guides today ~ 😇When you are in full acceptance of who you are, your inner light shines brightly. Your heart is full of love and forgiveness. You’ve learned not to take things personally and you feel comfortable in your body. You can allow lower energies to flow right past you. You are connected to the living spirit within and trust life to flow through you with ease. This brings you a sense of peace and joy. This lights you up on the inside and you now feel safe to let it shine out into the world. 🌟
This is how you show up today, tomorrow and every day after. Stress and irritation no longer feed your soul. You know this. So you make an inner commitment to stay connected to your heart and this is the light that will guide your way. 🌟
Rest in the knowing,
Much love,

Card of the day (Nov 23) for my followers: Queen of Pentacles. Slide to read the meaning.
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You may find yourself in a situation where you can't help but speak your mind. Your strong connection between the stars and the earth make you quite a force of nature. Whether on IG, the internet, mobile or face to face you will share your ideas with clarity and grace. This will leave you feeling uplifted and balanced. #tatotlove #tarotlife #tarotcards #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #tarottribe #tarotguidance #tarotcollector #dailypull #dailyguidance #dailycard #crystallove #crystalhealing #crystalcollector #crystals #preciousstones #healingstones #speakyourmind #balanced #clarityandgrace

Clouds-shapeshifting. If you remember who you areal the core of your let yourself experiment with your aura and your apperance to see how the world will present itself to you.
On the 3D surface we can be anyone. And the world around you react to what energy you send out, as well as the world also react to what you look like, clothes you wear, body language. Z
I got the Jara rune this morning as well. Talking about the year, to sow and harvest. About patience when waiting for what you have sown to ripen.
I can feel a new cycle beginning. A lot of hard work giving fruit. It's time to shift my shape to who I am at core, to present myself to this world.
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The card that popped right up for you today was, Lilac Fire Dragon, from the oracle card deck Dragon Oracle Cards, by Diana Cooper. Sending you love and light💜💫 When you choose this card, a Lilac Fire dragon will touch you with incredible ninth-dimensional light. So call it in and ask it to touch you. As it approaches you, breathe in divine love and sense the Lilac Fire enveloping you. This will enable you to let go of the old easily, calmly and graciously. Notice particularly how you feel when this dragon touches you and sense the purity of the love that it radiates.

Ask this dragon to remain with you to anchor the glorious light of the Lilac Fire and take you into a new and illumined way of being. When you do this, the love radiating from your heart will become purer and more beautiful. People will sense this and respond with trust, respect and gratitude.
Consciously work with this beautiful dragon and notice the difference it makes to your life and the quality of love around you.

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Learn to recognize the masks people wear and the motives underlying them. Imagine that all the glitter is gone. Would you still desire the object or person?
Sometimes we try to become something we’re not to impress others.Then there are times when we don’t see the true value of someone else because he or she may not have the glitz and glamour that seem so desirable. Now is the time to look past the surface, beyond the mask, to the essence of a person. Who that person is, not what he or she has or can give you, is important. See beyond the glitter and look for the inner glow. Use the eyes in your heart.Resist the temptation to be jealous of others. What they have achieved may not be the true success you seek, so don’t compare yourself to them. You see only the surface right now, only the sparkle.All that glitters may not be gold for you.
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Everything needs to be balanced today . Be clear where you want to invest your energies. Focus on your priorities, don't get distracted . Pay attention to finances, don't spend more then what you earn .Good time to invest . GM🌞🌞#tarotcards #dailytarot #dailyguidance #tarotreadersofinstagram #dailytarotreading #tarotonline #tarotcoach #

11/24 Today’s Guidance Fairy is with 🧚‍♀️ Fairygodmother . It means Divine Feminine energy is getting stronger. Sparkle of magic will be spreading all over you, what you wished for, is dreaming come true at last! Endless chances are coming to you, congratulations! Have a great day! Angel blessings! Yuka #dailyguidance #fairy #divinefeminine #energy #November

Card of the day for Friday the 24th of November:
Today’s angelic wisdom is to co-operate with others in order to reach success, including your non-physical allies. It’ll remind you that you aren’t alone and will give you the opportunity to support others, too. Look for chances to give and receive help throughout the day. 💖
Today’s Deck: Angels of Light Cards by @dianacooperangels

Be your own person. The gentle Gardner visits to remind you that your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create the reality of your experience. .
She represents the energy within you. The energy that you send out to the universe through your thoughts and words. You are all that you think and she ensures that all that you are is reflected in the world of form. Are you aware of your thoughts? What is their quality? .
Believe in the limitless possibility and miracles will unfold. The gentle Gardner guarantees the integrity of everything you send out to the world. Stay positive and expect a wondrous return.
Your garden is abundant with beauty. .
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Daily reading for 24 Nov, Friday

You may encounter someone in your midst that is domineering and difficult to persuade. This person may not be all bad but you will May to take a softer approach if you need to get things done. Go with the flow cos this person may have solutions that will benefit you.
On the other handy out could be taking on the traits of this emperor. Don't be so stern...use some heart when interacting with people 😄 With moon in Aquarius, people are more logical than emotional, we need to find a balance. This day will also point to being with your tribe, your community, they are likely to bring you some important revelation.
It's a Friday, just chill and see what flies in.
Please email me if you have personal questions that you need answers to!

Namaste 🙏🏻 #dailyreading #weekendreading #weekendoracle #todaysenergy #dailyguidance #dailytarot #dailyoracle #intuitiveguidance #universespeaks #guidancefortheday #cardoftheday #readingfortheday #divination #tarot #theemperor #universalwaite

Peace & Love 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’ve been so busy today that I forgot to post today’s reading!!! But in my defense I did tell y’all I posted them early so there lol 😂 I hope you all enjoyed your day. Whether you celebrate or not any day alive is a reason to be Thankful 👌🏾 🍁HAPPY THANKSGIVING🍁
Here’s spirits message for Wednesday November 22, 2017

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⭐It's a blissful Friday, beautiful soul!
😇 And as always, here is your Angel Guidance for today (24/Nov)
REMEMBER: 💜 An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention! 💜 (Dr. Steve Maraboli)
🌸 This week I'm using the Angel Dreams Oracle Deck by Melissa Virtue & Doreen Virtue.
. .
. .
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November 24th 2017

Princess of Pentacles 🌻

Another member of the Pentacle family greets us, today, and the princess of Pentacles is a welcome sight when it comes to matters related to business, finances, and learning.
A new opportunity may come your way. This could involve money, a new job, a project, or the start of a new journey that looks promising. But remember that hardwork is important at this stage if you wish to make progress.
Things may move at a slower pace, today. Stay practical when dealing with any matter. Weigh each step and decision you take. Be patient. It may take longer to manifest and make things happen. Don't give up.
You may come across someone who may appear dull and boring from the outside. But this person knows how to get work done with least complications. Follow their lead.
If you have the opportunity to learn a new skill, take it. If you are embarking on a new journey, know that discipline and dedication will be needed from you to reach your goals.
Love, Light, and Angel Blessings 🙏
Sonnyaa Siingh 🌞

To book a reading with me, write to Tarotwithsonnyaa@gmail.com or PM me here. 🔮🌈

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