The card that I drew for you today was, Earth🌎, from Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, and Marcela Lobos. Sending you love and light💚🌈💚 Earth represents the gift of life. The symbol on this card refers to the body of the planet Earth, the human body, and Nature herself. We’re reminded by this symbol that all creatures are born of the Earth and human beings are the stewards of all life on this planet. It refers to what we make of it: our health, wealth, security, grounding, solidity, and stability. It reminds us that the world of form is a gift from Spirit and needs to be treated with respect.
When the Earth symbol appears, it represents a need to focus on reverence and appreciation for the natural gifts that are coming to you now and always. The concrete world you inhabit is there by the grace of Spirit, and you are part of it. Much can be accomplished now when you focus on compassionate, reverent service to the world. If you act with integrity, gratitude, and humility, you will find yourself more prosperous than you can imagine. Success is assured when the Earth appears as an invitation.
Do you feel ungrounded or easily thrown off your path lately? It is time to focus on what nurtures you, to open yourself to the healing of Mother Earth and see the abundant world around you. Perhaps you have lost the ability to trust that your needs will be met and have fallen prey to poverty consciousness. Perhaps you have not been eating well, been overworked and stressed, and forgotten to breathe in the beauty of your surroundings. When the spirit of Earth comes as your medicine, you’re being reminded that when you practice self-care, take a walk in nature, and focus on the consciousness of abundance, miracles can and do happen.

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5/23 Today’s Guidance The Phoenix/ this Card represents old version of you is gone and new version of you will be rising . Great success is coming and something didn’t work has to be change for your future. You realize what was wrong and learn how to redo. It’s strong vibration you may be feel today. Energetic and vigor, don’t hesitate to change, go with the flow . Have a good day and angel blessings. Yuka #dailyguidance #phoenix #change

Morning! I wanted to work with the Journey of Love oracle cards and ‘Acceptance’ came up as the guidance for the day.
This card suggests that you are fully received and accepted by the Divine, just the way you are. There is nothing to change – just be!
You have made an offering – a prayer, sacrifice, desire to be of service, and the like – and this offer has been accepted. Seeds of transformation have been planted and your next steps are about to begin.
This card also indicates a partnership acceptance in your life.. the person you have in mind is the right one and trustworthy.
If you already have a partner, this card urges you to completely accept your partner just the way s/he is – your union is Divine; accept every aspect of it!
Have a good day.
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Daily msg💫 5.22.2018 🌼
Love & light❤️🍇

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Strong message tonight to let go and let God. When we hold on so tight, we block healing and progress. Take a leap of faith and breathe. #dailyguidance #angelguidance

New group is starting after Memorial Day! Great way to stay accountable this summer!

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🌟 Today's Message 🌟

You are about to receive an important message from your higher self.
The information you receive will clarify and shed light on something important to you.
Over the coming days, try to relax and switch off from the outside world at times.
Bring your focus within and listen out for intuitive whispers that flow though your mind or feelings that swell up from within your heart center.
When the time is right you will know. It is often when you least expect it.
Love, Light & Blessings🕯


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Oracle + Tarot 05/23/18 🔮🎴
LOVE coming through with a strong message of faithfulness. Others in your life that are involved with you in friendships and definitely relationships, will be showing you how loyal they are. This is a great moment to have heart to heart conversations. You’re emotionally invested in everything you do and living more in the moment. Mastering your emotions and showing affection , love and loyalty. •-Swipe for Video and Content or checkout my story in the Highlights on my page-• •••Comment below and please Tag someone who you know needs this today•••
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. 「愛のムチがあるかもよ」🦄☄
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Here’s the reveal from today’s 3 card draw! And check out my frizzy hair today !! 👀😂 SWIPE for pic of spread. Read more on the cards below... especially number 3 which always gets cut off 😊 enjoy and comment if it vibes with you today! 🙏
1~ Four of Swords ~ This card is calling you to give yourself a break from whatever is on your mind right now. Especially if you’ve been caught up in resolving an issue or you’re just stuck with incessant mental chatter. At this time you’re been encouraged to take a step back and let it all go, so that you can come back to it later with a fresh perspective and a rested mind. Sometimes we spend so much time in our heads trying to resolve something, we lose the ability to give it our best and see things clearly. Find a way to clear your mind • perhaps through meditation, a walk in nature, or a swim in the ocean. Whatever works for ya! .
2~ Seven of Pentacles ~ I just love this image! This card shows a woman planting her Pentacles like seeds, which will later grow into trees and bare fruit. It lets you know that whatever you’ve been working on, whatever “seeds” you’ve been planting, they will pay off down the road! This card is about making investments for your future- so if you haven’t started setting yourself up in any way, get to it! You’re encouraged to keep working hard and nourishing your seeds as they grow and flourish- and be patient and diligent in this process knowing you will reach your goals in the end. .
3~ Four of Chalices (cups)~ This card often pops up when we are feeling a bit disengaged, apathetic or disenchanted with our current situation or a specific aspect of our lives. Perhaps we’ve become stuck in the same routine day to day (in work, a relationship, creative process, etc) and we’ve lost sight of the magic and joys that surround us. This is a reminder that there is still so much joy, opportunity and potential for change available to us if we want it. It’s a matter of finding ways to pull ourselves out of that funk or negative thinking so we can see the joy and claim it! 🌟

I felt guided to do another quick reading, and I this advice goes to someone who is going through a rough time right now:
You can achieve much more than you think is possible, but you're focusing on what you've done wrong, and your mistakes.
Don't let your fears create your reality... (I've done this myself earlier in my life)
You're being too hard on yourself!
We're all human, we all make mistakes. In my opinion, those who seem perfect are far from it - they're only good at hiding things. 😁
You can grieve if you need, but then let go and focus on what you WANT.
Have faith in yourself and your abilities!
Focus your intentions on what you want to manifest - you can achieve your goals and your dreams! ♥️

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This is the proverbial “knight in shining armor,” and he’s here to help you in whatever way he’s needed! There’s no task too big and no detail too small that he won’t rush in and take charge of it. If you need something done now, he’s your guy. As an endless optimist, he is always smiling while he works, and once the job is done, you’ll probably get a happy wink from him as well.

Our Prince is charming and courageous, confident, and oh my! so busy. That’s because he wants to see everything, do everything, experience everything! Of course, if there’s a lull in the action at the moment, you may find yourself with a very bored prince. A bored prince can be a grumpy and impatient prince. It’s hard for him to really relax and kick back when there’s just so much to accomplish out there in the world!

On the card, the Prince rides a rabbit, moving quickly from one adventure to another! Rabbits are known to be particularly active in the springtime (just like our Prince). Additional meanings of this card: Feeling alive. The urge to get busy. Handling many things at once. Issues that require speedy decisions and action. A desire for adventure. ❤

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