Roses for @monicakeeble today! Well done gurlπŸ’ͺ🏽

Tattooed by @danpricetattoos
Part healed part fresh

Little stipple bumble bee on @em_r_ev

Mehndi influenced back piece I started today 🌿
Had so much fun with this piece, and I can’t wait to extend it πŸ‘πŸ»
Would really love to take on a lot more Mehndi pattern work! So if you like what you see and have a limb to offer, hmu 🀘🏻

Designs by our resident artist @_salir_ at @theburningeyetattoo
for appointments info@theburningeyetattoo.com
- Dotwork - Mandala Tattooing -
#zurich #zurichtattoo #tattoozurich #theburningeyetattoo #theburningeyetattoozurich

Thank you Luca for letting me do my things for your half sleeve! It was a pleasure! Done in 14 hours.

Back of the noggin for @kylestreeter81 ! Sorry for hurting you! Other piece by @tattoo_lenny πŸ¦…

@christafaridoddtattoo is slowly starting to cover my body in his artwork and I have no complaints

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