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Acceptance doesn’t mean that we should sit down and surrender, it means facing our circumstances with honesty and compassion. #DailyCalm

I had a long flight this winter and thought about how situations where we're forced to wait or be still for extended periods of time can be irritating. I also considered how wild flying is and how things like sitting above the clouds or waiting at a street light offer time for us to slow things down
I wrote a piece inspired by the long flight. It’s short and one of my favorite pieces of writing. Link in b to check it. #myinnerglow 📸: @franchelyp

#DailyCalm @calm The brilliant words of James Baldwin so long ago. Oh so true today.

Always remember, your focus determines your reality. - George Lucas #inspiration #dailycalm #motivation

A daily challenge
Letting go of expectations of others, showing acceptance, and releasing blame, though difficult to do, empowers us, frees us, and leads to peace. #DailyCalm

Mindfulness helps us to shift unhealthy habits. #DailyCalm

Every moment is brand new. Not-knowing is a state of openness where we let go of fixed ideas about ourselves and the world. #DailyCalm

Remember that you don't have to get everything done today — the whole week is ahead of you. #DailyCalm #MondayMotivation


Wise words for Wednesday evening. Ponder this one. #DailyCalm #Meditation #Happier2017 #CultivateHappiness #Namaste #OnwardAndUpward

Some people use meditation as something they turn to when they are feeling negatively (e.g. stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, angry, etc). I'm sure that kind of helps sometimes, but the real benefits for me were more long term and it could only happen when I meditated regularly while feeling all sorts of ordinary emotions. Sometimes meditation is simply a few minutes during which nobody has any expectations of me and I'm not trying to achieve anything. It's astonishing how freeing that can feel. Today was not a day when I felt better after my practice. Today, I ended my practice and life's demands came rushing back all at once and I was pretty overwhelmed and unhappy, but I remembered that today's Daily Calm was about accepting the present as it is and knowing that it will pass. And what do you know? It did ☺️

Enjoyed my Hump Day Meditation Session and here's the Message. #Meditation #calm #Dailycalm #breathe #focus #resistance #patience #stress #message #mind #gift #love #reflection

227 days I have meditated at least once. I am proud and grateful that I have invested this time into myself. #dailyquotes #dailycalm #calm #meditation #meditate #selfcare #selfcarematters #zen #beherenow #thismoment

We've got some fun things planned for the summer. And you can always sit with us. #myinnerglow 📸: @franchelyp

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