Day 158 (lifetime PR of 5 reps at 2.4007 times my own bodyweight, done at 4.30 a.m , fasted workout)
136.63 x 5 lifetime PR done at 56.8kg bodyweight.
135.23 x 4 racked back intelligently although you might view the video and argue the 4th rep looked fast; let me know your thoughts.
Lifetime PR 136.63 x 5 which is 2.4007 times my bodyweight! 4.30 a.m Fasted workout! Never give up on trying !!! Very happy!!!!! Joints felt fresh today !!! With thunder and lightning beckoning upon in the background, I had a no-quit attitude! Watch how my knuckles and fingers and wrists and hand area ( and a bit of the lower forearm area ) is now permanently discolored and bruised (bruce-d!) from daily bench pressing. So the back story is: this all happened since 2013; whenever I stop pressing for months, the discoloration and bruising will disappear. When I start to press consistently again, they appear. What happens is: the broscience theory is that I was not supposed to lift weights; my skeletal frame is such that I should naturally weigh 40-45 kg; at one point I needed to eat 6 times a day just to consistently stay at 63kg and not dip below it. That's why now I am able to eat junk food daily and still weigh 56.8 kg; it's because I was always meant to be very small and thin. My skeletal frame is also supposed to not allow me to lift weights. Now the theory is : by forcing my skeletal palm and wrist bones and hand bones to endure the daily pressure of pressing, the brittle skeletal frame is under tremendous pressure and thus the internal bruising and injury is displayed through these bruisings. These bruisings are a reaction to a disruption in homeostasis and a protest by my skeletal frame to me. I know this seems like joking but I'm not! I haven't gotten to the part where I think my hand was naturally meant to be very brittle thus it literally tore internally, from years of pressing. I can show you evidence of MRI scans that say my hand is torn in multiple areas.
Now you've seen the background of the videos varies from sunny, rainy, midnight and black.
Today is for @pinoyslayer95 and @pinoysumo ; #benchpress #dailybench #dailymax #powerlifting #benchpressing #inclinepress

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