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#SuzanneValadon was a model and muse of Montmartre 🍂
She was an extraordinary woman.
Self taught,she became,Lautrec’s model and the muse of Degas,impressed by her looks and intelligent.
In 1870 she took the brave decision to move to Paris and #Montmartre was made for her.
Still obsessed by painting and drawing,Valadon was laboriously mixing her own colors and desperate to be a ‘real’ artist,she reasoned that the nearest she could get to the artists she admired was through posing for them.
Her contempories, #BertheMorisot and #MaryCasset, already rare in an era dominated by male artists, painted females as soft, sensuous and attractive– but most of all fully and beautifully clothed but Valadon’s drawings shocked.
She was the only woman to exhibit at the #SociétéNationale in 1894.
She met #AndreUtter and soon him became besotted by Valadon.
He was 23 and she 44.
They became lovers,
the worst kept secret in Montmartre at #12RueCortot.

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Monday is coming...*yawn, wax pastel study
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“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt
Happy 26th birthday to the most beautiful, talented, genuine woman who has never failed to impress & inspire me through her relentless kindness and loving persnality. ✧✦
(Shading isn't the best bc I was in a hurry 😞)

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💢La scorsa settimana abbiamo ricevuto un dono da una persona speciale.

Vogliamo ringraziare di vero cuore 🙏🙏🙏
Mr. Mirko Pinto, artista e tatuatore nisseno oltre che nostro caro vecchio socio - per averci regalato questo suo fantastico dittico e per aver creduto in noi e nel nostro progetto.

L'opera è esposta all'interno del nostro Bio Bar ed è pronta a farsi ammirare da tutti voi! 👀 Venite a conoscere Love | Hate: vi aspetta da Eclettica!

Vocazione di San Matteo - The calling of St. Matthews (oil on canvas) 👨🏻‍🎨 Caravaggio (1599-1600)

This masterpiece by Caravaggio depicts the moment when Jesus inspires Matthew to follow him as narrated in the Gospel of Matthew.
On the right hand side, we can see Jesus accompanied by Peter pointing towards Matthew. It is not clear which man represents Matthew: some scholars have suggested it’s the man hunched over the coins (Matthew was a Jewish tax collector) after noticing the bearded man pointing at him. However, the most popular interpretation is that Matthew is the bearded man, pointing his finger gently to his chest. The same man is also represented in the other two paintings located next to this one in the Contarelli Chapel, which gives us a strong indication on the identity of Matthew. According to some, Caravaggio was purposefully ambiguous about Matthew’s identity to suggest God could call upon any of them.
Art historians have suggested that the position of Christ’s fingers mimics those of Adam in ‘The Creation of Adam’ by Michelangelo (Sistine Chapel).
A dash of light sweeps the canvas from right to left and illuminates the room to add a dramatic touch to the whole scene.
Caravaggio’s signature lighting technique (chiaroscuro) is beautifully displayed in this masterpiece.
Currently in the San Luigi dei Francesi Church, Rome, Italy.

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