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Art is about expressing feelings 💖 art is not a thing, it is a way

My take on @ryankpotter as Beast Boy! Honestly my favorite casting choice for the live action Titans tv show 😀

Шедевры моих девочек ❤️а вы верите, что можете создать нечто подобное , никогда раньше не рисовав ?) #каждыйможетрисовать

I have over 60 photos of this drawing in my camera roll because I'm so fussy lol I need to stop

cAn YoÜ dRaw mĒ ??!1!!1!1 - ARTISTS PROBLEMS 😂😂!! Tag a friend below 👇👇👇🎨!
I hope you like this art meme ! This is one of the artists's problems 😂, let me know if you want other memes !!

Almost done with Winnie 😜 I’ve finished his face and the fur so all I have left is his bandana. The ear was a challenge! What do you think so far?


A little progress of this piece 💕 ✒

#Throwback to a piece I created back at the age of 15. Swipe to see how my style evolves over time😆
First picture is from 2015. Starting from the 2nd pic: 2014 - 2014 - 2015 - 2015 - 2016 - 2016 - 2016 - 2017 - 2017. Might not show the whole 'evolution' because I lost some of the older pics, but you get the idea. And yes, some of them are cropped rather badly, sorry about that✌
As someone who has used both 'amateur' and professional materials for my works, let me tell you: it does not really matter. Okay, using materials of better quality results in finer and more polished works, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can't create great works using modest materials. In fact, don't let the desire to buy expensive materials get in the way of your creativity.

I'm not lying when I say I've been dying for a mobile studio pro, new sets of Copic markers, so on and so forth. But even with all I have right now, I feel like I had more fun in creating art when I only had a set of 12 colored pencils and some cheap markers. Because then, I got to experiment when I needed another color or when I wanted my markers to blend nicely. It's not something I do often now, because everything is already provided for and "what's the point in experimenting with new colors when you've got the colors you need?" There's no challenge in those comfort. So I try to refrain myself from 'getting too comfortable' and again, experiment with what I have, even when I don't need to.

For those of you who feel obliged to buy professional/expensive materials just because you feel like you could do better with them—be confident in your ability. I'm not saying you shouldn't buy them—by all means, please do, it's up to you—but remember that your skill and creativity makes your works extraordinary, and materials only support the process. Not the other way around.

I hate how I have to spend all my time on art for college 😴

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