Whoa hey everyone! It’s been a second hasn’t it? We’ve been going through some crazy life changes in the past few months which slowed us down a little so thanks for being patient! BUT things are picking back up and we’re taking life by the freaking horns! We’ll be posting more content soon and we’re accepting bookings! Here’s a photo of the amazing @teamdaikaiju in New Orleans. .
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The T-850 defeats M-11. My opinion, M-11. Although the T-850 has superior physical strength(8-10 ton max capacity according to skynet database), their durability is pretty similar. M-11 has the ability to tank shelling from WW2 Naval battleships without damage to his chassis while T-850 can get up from from direct plasma blasts from the T-X(capable of destroying large vehicles and incinerating a T-1000 in one hit). M-11 has the slightly superior CPU, being able to automatically act and think like a human without the need to learn from human contact. The T-850 has to process the actions of humans to learn. While the T-850 has relatively human speed and reaction time(possibly higher), M-11 has superhuman speed. He was able to easily catch up to a jeep going over 50mph in seconds and then pass it without much difficulty. M-11 was also able to dodge lasers after they were fired and move so fast that it seemed he disappeared but he really got on top of a consol. Combat skill is a huuuge gap. While the T-850 uses a more brutal and primitive grap and throw or slam style, M-11 is skilled in h2h combat and was able to easily take out 2 similar androids simultaneously. Prep time and intel is where M-11 wrecks big time. T-850 with prep and intel is no pushover but remember when Godzilla annihilated King Ghidorah? It was M-11 who saved him and built him into Mecha-King Ghidorah to fight freaking Godzilla! Yes, M-11 built the cybernetic parts of Mecha-Ghidorah including merging the time machine into him. With prep and intel, M-11 absolutely destroys the T-850! In honesty, the only advantage the T-850 has is physical strength while M-11 has clear advantages in most other categories.

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Thoughtbot defeats Dr Manhattan. My opinion, Thoughtbot. This one had me puzzled at first because it's a tricky situation. I had to think deep in this one and this is my explanation. Although, by definition, Thoughtbot is 4-D and by word of mouth from Mxy that Manhattan is beyond him which would put him at least 5-D, by showings Thoughtbot could be considered hyperversal. Manhattan has been shown to manipulate time lines and even changed it to where his symbol was in the book of OA. His manipulation of matter is virtually unlimited. But that's the thing, his powers are still based on fundamental laws of creation. He can manipulate time and all forms of matter but Thoughtbot is not matter nor his he a physical being. He's a plot device made of pure thought and since he doesn't have an atomic structure, Manhattan can't really do anything to him. He won't be able to use time either because Thoughtbot is beyond time and reality itself. Not only that, but he can adapt and evolve while fighting. He could scan Manhattan and figure out exactly how to destroy him. Dr Manhattan still has an atomic structure and it's positive matter so what's to stop Thoughtbot from conjuring anti-energy to destroy him? I mean, he is a plot device designed to always win. He was designed to take on Mandrakk who eats freaking stories and had the the power of the germ and the bleed. We haven't seen Manhattan go into that level of power. Plus, Thoughtbot existed when most of the heroes and villains were still crazy strong but Manhattan came during Rebirth where most characters are nerfed. He's even questioning whether Superman will be a possible cause of his destruction. Manhattan still has to think while Thoughtbot IS THOUGHT. Dr Manhattan is basically New 52 Captain Atom on steroids and Thoughtbot would be his day of reckoning.

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The answer to yesterday's trivia question is Mamoru Miyano has an acting role (usually a main one) in each. There are far more than I can fit in 10 images, but to list a few:
Haruo in the "Godzilla" anime trilogy
Light in "Death Note"
Setsuna in "Gundam 00"
Ultraman Zero
Shuu in "Tokyo Ghoul"
Ling Yao in "FMA Brotherhood"
Osamu in "Bungou Stray Dogs"
Deathryuger in "Zuden Sentai Kyoryuger"
Death the Kid in "Soul Eater"

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Classic Odin defeats Pre Crisis Superman. My opinion, Odin by a microscopic hair. Don't get me wrong, Pre Crisis Superman would take Odin to the brink of his powers with his OP Looney Tune broken ass buuuut without the Sword of Superman, I see Odin pulling it off. Pre Crisis Superman was broken because writers sucked at limiting characters but Classic Odin was OP AF! In his heyday, Odin had multiple universal and multiversal feats. He was the pinnacle of skyfather level stepping into the universal range and his powers showed it. Supes sneezed away solar systems, tanked a big bang level blast, broke through dimensions easily, reverse time, created powers on the fly and saved all of DC by vibrating a phantom planet out of existence but Odin had the power to literally destroy galaxies by waving his hand! Odin ripped dimensions from reality, created pocket universes, banished beings of equal power to other dimensions, could warp reality, control time and space, manipulate dimensions, destroyed distant galaxies as collateral damage, had a fight that happened simultaneously on each dimensional plane which was unraveling the fabric of the freaking MULTIVERSE! We all know how ridiculously powerful Pre Crisis Superman was but we often forget how STUPIDLY OP Odin was before the writers started nerfing him gradually into a lil bitch that hides from Mangog while Jane Foster takes him on😭. Classic Odin ftw!

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Reivik, a scrapped kaiju of mine. Now, this is a very strange case because I am inlove with this kaiju, and every now and then, I think of ways to add him into the series, but always end up scrapping him. During my very first attempt at rebooting the Killoverse, he was created to be the main antagonsit of the first story.. Admittedly, i'm not much a fan of how the desgin came out, since I wanted something that looked a bit more intimidating, and capable of throwing Killo around. Reivik was going to be his rivial, two species that's been at each other throats since the beginning. The story was center around a mating call that attracted both kaiju, which led to the both of them traveling across the world to reach it, and eventually meeting up with each other. What Killo and Reivik had in common was the fact that both of them are the last of their kind, and the kaiju that made the mating call was the only one who could change that, resulting into a race against time for both kaiju.. I hope some day I can finally figure out what to do with him. #kaijumonster #kaiju #daikaiju #giant #giantmonster #giantmonsters #kaijuart #kaijuartwork

Finally got my hands on the now very rare “ #VaranTheUnbelievable “(1958) #TokyoShock DVD. While not one of #IshiroHonda ‘s better movies (it has some fairly big problems in terms characters, writing and logic), #Varan himself is a spectacularly designed kaiju, and #AkiraIfukube’s musical score here is one of his very best!
Poor Varan, the big flying squirrel-monitor lizard has never really had his right time to truly shine; a several second cameo as a stiff puppet in “Destroy All Monsters”(1968) and a brief shot of him in the kaiju index as graphic art in “Pacific Rim: Uprising”(2018) is all poor Varan has gotten since 1958. He was originally supposed to appear in GMK alongside Anguirus, but were both replaced by King Ghidorah and Mothra respectively out of popularity. I guess his only other claim-to-fame was as a secret unlockable fighter in the Nintendo Wii version of Godzilla: Unleashed.
Poor Varan 🦎😢
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Just plowed through every episode of the new gridman anime series in one sitting. I gotta say it’s much better than I thought it would be. For once I don’t mind Cg in this series, they blend it well enough, and stick to traditional animation for the rest so it has a good blend of both that mesh well. Now the wait for the next episode begins
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Hound of Thunder. Little something of electric wolf, Lucifer. Sean was a little varied on his colors before but I like the colors he chose now. Lucifer is owned @killoverse #kaiju #daikaiju #giantmonsters #wolfmonster

"tradionaliats/Goji-Oji crowd" hey now, I like the 70s films most! 😂🌚😎 ironically, this is kinda why I've stayed out of most of these arguments about the anime films and just enjoyed them... because it's obvious the tone/direction this story was headed. Plus, WE ALL KNOW Toho would be heavily involved. And the defense people used for hating was almost always inconsistent (especially when applied to other films), clear misunderstanding, pretentious, irrelevant, or obviously biased... Subjectivity is subjectivity, but I also watched people go into the films already hating them because of the 3DCG, and low frame rate to match hand drawn fps. I also have to add I don't think the movies are flawless, or in the "Top 10 Goji films". BUT I ALSO WILL SAY they are not bad, they are not boring, they are not 'poorly executed', ESPECIALLY if you hold every Godzilla movie to the same scrutiny. I also am only talking about the movies, not stuff like the "well we never said it was gonna appear but here's a toy and marketing for a AniMechaGodzilla anyways so don't get mad you assumed it was gonna be in the movie" BS lol
I'm not going to change your opinion on the films, and you're not gonna change mine *though you'll probably qualify my assumptions 😋 jk
(from @dr_gojira by way of @mattzilla85... I first saw @resurrection_goji repost this though)

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