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I’m a proud supporter of Cancer Council. Daffodil Day is coming up soon on Friday 26 August! But you don’t have to wait until then to show your support, you can text to donate today! To find out how, visit:daffodilday.com.au #daffodilday

Это мишка-врач. 🐻👓Его мне купил папа лет так 7-8 назад в Австралии. Там проходила акция, посвящённая помощи больным раком #daffodilday. И я увидела в магазине, он был в мини-медицинском халате.Средства от покупки мишки шли в фонд помощи. Мы ушли и я почти не надеялась его заполучить. Но То ли я качественно намекала, то ли мама подсказала, то ли он сам заметил, 😁Но через пару дней папа достал его из-за спины и подарил мне. Я уже тогда знала, что хочу помогать людям и стать врачом. И он стал моим маленьким талисманом. Но потом я бессовестно потеряла халат в попытке постирать. А сегодня мама помогла мне сшить новый "хир костюм" мишке-врачу. И теперь я довольна. Желтый нарцисс на его лапке напоминает мне о том замечательном дне) #какие-томысливслух#пустьэтобудетздесь

I've been overwhelmed and humbled by all the incredible messages of support today - I was nervous opening up about my challenge but am just really happy I can raise awareness for #DaffodilDay and CML. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and thanks to @dailytelegraph and @thetodayshow for giving me the chance to tell my story.

Thanks for the support @lynnemcgranger! Have you dedicated a daffodil yet?

#maxi got in early
#daffodilday is next Friday 26th @cancercouncil Cases diagnosed in Aus this yr = 72k+ males 58k+ females Please please check yourselves 🙏🏼❌

Daffodil Day at school!!...#daffodilday2016 #daffodilday

Today is Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day which helps raise vital funds and awareness for those affected by cancer. 350 Australians are diagnosed with cancer every day. To show your support buy a daffodil pin today or text to donate and dedicate a daffodil to someone you know. This year, I’m dedicating my daffodil to my dad. For more info head to daffodilday.com.au. #daffodilday #forsomeoneiknow @cancercouncil

A daffodil selfie. With beautiful soul @martadusseldorp supporting Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day. It's THIS Friday! 350 Australians are diagnosed with cancer EACH DAY. Buy a daffodil pin on the day OR for the first time you can also TEXT to donate and dedicate a daffodil to someone you know. 📱For more info, head to 💻daffodilday.com.au #daffodilday #forsomeoneiknow @ccnewsouthwales


I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales n hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
William Wordsworth

The lines of this poem came flooding in when my husband got these from the local flower market! All that rote learning in school did help after all these years!! 😋 Happy Monday! And a great week! #happymonday #happyweek #daffodils #celadon #cornersofmyhome #flowers #flowersinbloom #daffodilday #williamwordsworth #myhome #lovemyhome #morningview

Mutlu pazarlar 🍃😊🍃

The Song of the Daffodil Fairy
I'm everyone's darling;
the blackbird and starling
Are shouting about me from blossoming boughs;
For I, the Lent Lily, the Daffy-down-dilly,
Have heard through the country the call to arouse.
The orchards are ringing with voices a-singing
The praise of my petticoat, praise of my gown;
The children are playing, and hark! they are saying
That Daffy-down-dilly is come up to town. -Cicely Mary Barker
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It's here. . Time to put some serious planning in action @irishcancersociety #daffodilday #dontgiveup #cancersucks #research #support

I think he did something he shouldn't have...?!

Now at Origin, all ready for Welsh Week! #handmade #daffodilday #ceramics

One of the ways you can support the fight against cancer this #DaffodilDay is to order a box of daffodil pins to sell in your workplace or office.

Funds raised on Daffodil Day help support life-saving cancer research, as well as provides support and care for people affected by cancer all over Ireland.

Get involved today and order your box at www.cancer.ie/daffodilday or call us on 1850 60 60 60.

Yellow Board Art Prize
@thespacegallery, Sydney

FINALLY got around to getting this piece framed with a beautiful black shadow box. Looks so cool now I'm so happy with it💖

Now to sell it or keep it?

Meaning behind it,
theme was Daffodil Day.

The Yellow Board 2016.36
Title: Hope Springs Eternal
Medium: Watercolour & Ink

About the artwork
I have had family members diagnose with cancer, known clients who have been recently diagnosed donated artworks to help raise money for people trying to get treatment. This artwork is personal but rather then focus on the dark I like to focus on the light, healing the rejuvenation the human instinct to fight. I have focused on the cancer council Dafodil which symbolises hope and rebirth. It is a resilient plant that will thrive dispite the harsh conditions it endures. I have surrounded it with the support eco system it needs. The native #bee pollinating moving from flower to flower generating regrowth and New life. The butterfly symbolises transformation and rebirth and the humming bird which brings a reminder of enjoyment of life and enjoyment of being.
I have always believed yellow to be my happy colour so happy to create an artwork based on this colour and the New buds symbolise New hope.

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