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3CE Velvet Lip Tint 4g.
ลิปทิ้นท์จิ้มจุ่มเนื้อแมท เป็นลิปทิ้นท์แบบสีชัดๆ อารมณ์เหมือนใช้ลิปจิ้มจุ่มแต่บางเบากว่า จะเป็นลิปทิ้นท์ที่หน้าตาคล้ายลิปจิ้มจุ่มแมทเลย แต่เวลาทาแล้วจะได้ความเบาๆ กว่า ส่วนเม็ดสีก็ชัดและแน่นอยู่ มีมาให้เลือก ทั้งแบบนู้ดๆ พีชๆ ชมพูๆ และแดงๆ ไปเลย

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My review on @katvondbeauty 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Promade
I’m not a makeup artist. I also don’t have “stylish” or “perfect” eyebrows. I can say, someone who has nonexistent eyebrows and colorful hair, this product is pure perfection. @thekatvond has done it again with a product that is beautiful for everyone. At 5 grams, a little goes a long way. It’s a creamy, smooth product that goes on nicely. I will in the future be purchasing more of her more natural and colorful promades.
Some swatches are applied on my eyebrows for visual purposes. I had tons of fun playing with this product.
Eyebrow Promades: Magenta, Satellite Blue, and Daffodil
Foundation: @fentybeauty Pro Filt’r 150
Eyeliner: @katvondbeauty Basketcase
Mascara: @toofaced Better Than Sex Waterproof
Lippie: @kkwbeauty @kyliecosmetics KKW Shade: Kimberly

Daffodil -- April 2016

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Daffodil of the Evening 114/365 #Hipstamatic #Salvador84 #MountRoyal

Was honoured to rescue this beautiful queen bee from drowning at work today. Found her in a washing up bowl at the village hall, she must have just fallen in as she woke up from hibernation. She was very wet and couldn’t fly, and the relentless rain this afternoon didn’t help. Fed her sugar water, put her on flowers and sheltered her under a tree. She seemed to be grateful for the help and gave me a little high five 😉 Eventually she made her way off somewhere. Hopefully she will survive, she had much strength 💚
She is a red tailed bumblebee queen. The old queen of the hive will have died, and all new queens such as this one will have hibernated over winter (some bumblebees can spend as much as 9 months of the year hibernating!) She has woken up to search for a suitable new nest site to lay her eggs and begin a new hive ♥️

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