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Lifes most precious gift #dadylife

A lányommal ❤️ #mydougther #dadylife #shesmylife

Selsgab for baaaibi i dag ❤️ kaga for fysta gong, jekk så det måtte👍#1årallerede #dadylife

Lille joda efter morgon duschen <3 #dadylife #ängel #jodaaa #morning

Amistad = familia elegida! #onlyonelife #puravida #dadylife

Capté : le regard doux de papa posé sur son fils 🤗 ! #papa #dadylife

Inspection! #mymonkey #love #dadylife

School run!💪
#dadylife #kids #schoolrun

Rockabye by Clean Bandit

Lagu Rockabye didedikasikan Clean Bandit untuk para single mom di seluruh dunia yang berjuang sendiri membesarkan buah hati mereka.

Lagu ini mengingatkan saya pada perjuangan Ibu saya yang menjadi single mom sejak saya kelas 2 SMA.
Beliau bekerja keras untuk kami anak-anaknya di sebuah pabrik plastik dari pagi hingga sore.
Berkat doa Ibu lah saya sekarang memiliki kehidupan yang lebih baik. Terimakasih Ibu, jasamu begitu besar dan maafkan bila aku belum bisa membahagiakanmu.

Meski lagu ini untuk para ibu namun salah dua lirik dalam lagu ini mewakili apa yang ingin saya katakan kepada dua buah hati saya.

Ooh, Love, no one's ever gonna hurt you, Love.
I'm gonna give you all of my love.
Nobody matters like you.

Your life ain't gon' be nothing like my life.
You're gonna grow and have a good life.
I'm gonna do what I've got to do.

Sebagai seorang ayah saya akan memberikan seluruh cinta dan hidup saya untuk mereka.
Tidak akan saya biarkan mereka tersakiti.
Saya akan bekerja keras dan cerdas agar bisa membesarkan dan memberikan pendidikan yang terbaik untuk mereka. Semoga mereka kelak memiliki kehidupan yang jauh lebih baik dari saya, aamiin.

#rockabye #KeluargaBiru #inspirationsong #dadylife #mommylife


A lányommal ❤️ #mydougther #dadylife #shesmylife

Sånn går no dagan! 🤙🏻

School run!💪
#dadylife #kids #schoolrun

Dear little Divine,
You are six (6) months old today, and I am amazed at how much you've grown and how we can't remember what life was like before you made us a family. Seriously how did we spend our evening? My little daughter Divine I'm sure each month goes faster than the last. How are we at half a year already .
You're getting really big and healthy according to your pediatrician. Since a couple of days ago, you can sit by yourself for long periods of time. You like rolling over from your back to your bell but haven't figured out how to roll back. Especially since you don't really enjoy tummy time that much. It's a curious thing we think you are teething, because you were waking up a lot of few nights ago and presenting a little fever, I wake mummy up because i was tired of Laboratory work in the hospital 🏥 (TMJ hospital 🏥) mummy says little one please be nice to us and onwards you becomes nice as well. Then one night you slept wonderful only waking for your scheduled feeds who knows your biological clock?
At four months i have been acquired a bunch of sleep books 📚 bed time stories books which we always reads to you before you sleep -napping we are happy that you've managed to cope with books and you real love it 😊. You have started eating some solid food so far you like sweet potatoes and little bit bananas though mummy is terrified of what they are doing to your diapers in next few days we are going to embrace solid foods cerelac so get ready for lots of fun tastes and textures.
Recently you have discovered our faces and voice and we keep poked and prodded by your pretty fingers which looks like me .
Keep growing daughter
Love from Daddy.

~ lekeplassen ~

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